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Oversize Origami Animal Sculptures Roam the Garment District

coyote stalking photo by gail worley
Coyote, Stalking By Hacer (All Photo By Gail)

Not since the Fancy Animal Carnival of 2016 has a menagerie of exotic of creatures like those you’ll see in Hacer: Transformations been set loose in NYC’s Garment District.  For just a few more weeks, New Yorkers and visitors to Midtown Manhattan can experience a series of seven gigantic, origami-inspired sculptures that comprise this public art exhibit, which features two dark turquoise coyotes, two medium turquoise rabbits, a magenta elephant, a yellow dog and a green bear cub.

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Fancy Animal Carnival By Hung Yi in The Garment District

Panda Family By Hung Yi (All Photos By Gail)

One of Taiwan’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, Hung Yi (洪易), in association with NYC’s Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, has brought a selection of his large scale, fantastical and cheerful sculptures to New York City in a Fall/Winter exhibition. Fancy Animal Carnival is currently on view outdoors in the Garment District Pedestrian Plazas, between 34th Street and 42nd Street.

Dromedary Camel
Dromedary Camel

Hung Yi creates animated and personified interpretations of animals based on symbols from Taiwanese traditions, which are believed to be lucky. He paints the whimsical sculptures with patterns and texts that are aligned with fortuitous intention. Yi’s works are displayed in many locations outside of Taiwan, which include airports, theater halls, plazas and universities all around the world, and it is very cool to have this exhibit here in the city for all to enjoy!

Bactrian Camel
Bactrian Camel

All sculptures are created from painted, baked enamel on steel plate, and they are mounted on granite pedestals.

Bactrian Camel Detail
Bactrian Camel, Detail

Here are a few of the sculptures that you will encounter as you walk along Broadway between Herald Square and Times Square.

Fortunate Round Dragon
Fortunate Round Dragon

Dynamic Round Dragon
Dynamic Round Dragon

Yellow Ox
Yellow Ox

Buffalo and Eagle
Buffalo and Eagle

Dragon Horse
Dragon Horse

Hung Yi’s Fancy Animal Carnival will be on Display Along NYC’s Garment District Pedestrian Plazas, Broadway between 34th Street and 41st Street, Through April 15th, 2017.

Auspicious Triple Sheep
Auspicious Triple Sheep





Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Artworks from the Affordable Art Fair!

Pink Teddy Bear
Pink Teddy Bear By Valay Shende, $4,000 (All Photos By Gail)

The late summer edition of the Affordable Art Fair is back at the Metropolitan Pavilion through Sunday, September 13th! We hit the Preview Night on Wednesday and were thrilled with the variety of artworks for sale and the friendliness of the gallery representatives on hand to help move each piece along to an art-loving home.

We took a ton of photos, as usual, but managed to edit this post down to 10 (or 11, actually) of our favorite Pink Things we saw at the show. Enjoy!

Adam KouKoudakis Tiger Requiem (Pink)
Adam KouKoudakis, Tiger Requiem (Pink) at Jealous Gallery London

Twiggy By Elisabetta Fantone
Twiggy By Elisabetta Fantone at Evan Lurie Gallery, Carmel, IN

Brooklyn Bridge by Thierry Hoyau
Brooklyn Bridge by Thierry Hoyau at Arteria Gallery, Canada

Art By Maurizio Savini
Bubblegum Sculptures By Maurizio Savini at Emanuel Fremin, NYC

Pink Panther By JuanRamon Garcia
Pink Panther in a Pink Suit, By JuanRamon Garcia at standARTe, Madrid Spain

Emma Levine Flouro Tree II
Emma Levine, Flouro Tree II at LCA, London Contemporary Art

Emigre Collection, Tokyo japan
Emigre Collection, Tokyo Japan

Art By Lumir Hladik Reference Contemporary Toronto CA
Art By Lumir Hladik at Reference Contemporary, Toronto CA

Done Hee Lee Pink Cell Division
Dong Hee Lee, Pink Cell Division at H.O.V Art (High on Visual Art), Brooklyn, NY

That was fun right? And there is so much more to see, so make sure to go this weekend!

The Metropolitan Pavilion is located at 125 West 18th Street (between 6th and 7th Avenues) and the Affordable Art Fair hours are as follows:

Friday, Sept. 11, 11am – 8pm (Free admission Friday: 6-8pm)
Saturday, Sept. 12, 11am – 8pm
Sunday, Sept. 13, 11am – 5pm

Tickets are available at the door, or for a slightly discounted price at This Link!

Julian Lennon Horizon at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Horizon (All Photos By Gail)

Emmanuel Fremin Gallery is currently exhibiting a portfolio of 15 large photographs shot by Julian Lennon during his travels through Kenya and Ethiopia as part of his involvement in the Water and The White Feather Foundation initiative for Africa.


Top Happy Girl Bottom Wheels of Fortune
Happy Girl (Top), Wheels of Fortune (Bottom)

While I was admiring these, a guy standing behind me asked if I knew where they were taken. “I think they were taken in Africa,” I replied, “No,” he interjected, “They were taken on the Moon.” What an ass.


I really like this one.

Secret Way
Secret Way

You can see that Julian has an amazing talent for composition and capturing the human spirit.


This exhibit will be up for all of April so make a point to check it out.

Julian Lennon Horizon will be on Exhibit Through May 2nd, 2015 at Emanuel Fremin Gallery, Located at 547 W. 27th Street #510, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Julian Lennon Horizon Signage

Byung-Kyu Do, Childhood Memories at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery

Cupie Dolls Childhood Memories By Do Byung Kyu
All Photos By Gail

Dolls: they can be creepy and they can be cool, depending on your perspective. For Korean-born artist Byung-Kyu Do Dolls are his medium of choice. There is no denying that dolls do conjure varying images and experiences from my youth, so I could relate to the theme of Do’s latest exhibit, Childhood Memories, up now at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. We accidentally stumbled upon this exhibit on last night’s art crawl and I was very smitten by Do’s large photographs of baby dolls, some of which you can see below.

Childhood Memories By Do Byung Kyu

Childhood Memories Baby Doll Umbilical Chord Close Up
Check Out The Baby Doll Umbilical Chord Made of Actual Baby Dolls

Are they creepy…or are they cool? Only you can decide for yourself, but I liked them. You can read more about Byung-Kyu Do and his inspiration for Childhood Memories at This Link. There are tons of galleries in the same building as Emmanuel Fremin Gallery so be sure to do some exploring floor to floor if you come to see this small but fascinating exhibit. You never know what you might discover!

Childhood Memories By Do Byung Kyu Will be on Exhibit Through November 3rd, 2012 at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery, located at 547 W. 27th Street, Suite 508, New York City.

Childhood Memories by Byung Kyu Do

Behold the Cold, Dead Stare of The Baby Doll