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Pink Thing of The Day: Mickey Mouse Gas Mask Sculpture

pink mickey mouse gas mask sculpture photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

This photo was taken way back in September of 2019 at one of several visits I made to the overwhelmingly cool Beyond The Streets exhibit in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Somehow, it’s been hiding in my file of Pink Things for over three years and, while its fortunate to have found to, it’s also too bad I did not give some it coverage three years ago when the exhibit was still in progress, but I was able to find out the that artist is Bill Barminski!

Banksy in New York: Defaced Gathers His Greatest Hits Under One Roof

banksy time out london cover photo by gail worley
March 2010 Cover of Time Out London Designed By Banksy (All Photos By Gail)

My first exposure to Banksy — the pseudonymous British street artist (some say consortium) whose irreverent works of socio-political satire have appeared in site-specific locations across the globe — was a visit to his October, 2008 immersive Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill. Located in a Greenwich Village, NYC storefront and filled with surreal creations both familiar and exotic, the installation was designed to look like a typical pet store, but with a twist. While there was no actual Charcoal Grill serving food, rather than selling live animals, the store featured a variety of animatronic pets, including fish sticks swimming in a fish bowl, ‘chicken nugget’ baby chicks and a rabbit applying makeup before a mirrored vanity.

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Modern Art Monday Presents: Philip Pearlstein, Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, Night-Time

entrance to the lincoln tunnel night time photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Philip Perlstein (b. 1924), an artist renowned for his decades -long practice of painting the nude – male and female, solo or in company – has rarely depicted the landscape of the city he calls home. In Entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel, Night-Time (1992), he captures the nighttime vista from the window of his New York studio in the West 30s, near the approach to the Lincoln Tunnel. In his typically inventive way, the artist calls attention to the construction of his composition – the red mullian of his window reminds us that we are looking through a deliberately framed view — just as the Mickey Mouse figurine at bottom right is a humorous reminder of the props of an artist’s practice.

Photographed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

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Breakthrough By SacSix

breakthrough by sac six photo by gail worley

Here’s a new artwork by street artist SacSix that you’re probably already seeing all over the city. Break Through depicts the instantly recognizable hand of Mickey Mouse making the Peace Sign, where his two fingers literally  ‘break through’ the fabric of the white glove he wears. Pretty heavy.  According to the artist, “2020 is the time to break through the white glove of racism and oppression. Time for Equality. Justice. Peace. RIP George.” This piece is a ‘sign of the times’ if there ever was one.

breakthrough by sac six photo by gail worley

Above Images Photographed in Freeman Alley, NYC.

breakthrough by sac six photo by gail worley

Here it is Again, Sharing Space With an Outdoor Cafe on Mercer Street in Soho.

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Mickey Mouse Figurine

Pink Mickey Mouse Statue
Photos By Gail

This Baby Pink statuette of the most famous mouse earth is an official Disney-design produced by the French company Leblon Delienne.  Known as Mickey Welcome, it is one of three new pastel colorways made of lacquered ABS plastic, which replaces an earlier series created in resin. The new material is an aesthetic equal to resin, but represents an environmentally-friendly improvement, as the ABS plastic is recyclable. Priced to collect at $280 each.

Photographed at 10 Corso Como Design Store in the South Street Seaport, NYC.

Pink Mickey Mouse Statue