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Love Beyond Borders Mural By Nicopanda

Love Beyond Borders Close Up
All Photos By Gail

Street wear brand Nicopanda is behind the design for this expansive mural that stretches across the western façade of a tenement building at the corner of Allen Street and Stanton Street. on New York City’s Lower East Side. Known for its edgy and playful approach to ready-to-wear and accessories,  Nicopanda is the personal brand of style icon Nicola Formichetti. The Love Beyond Boarders mural is part of The New Allen project, is co-sponsored by MAC Cosmetics, and features a design based on Formichetti’s original Amoeba Panda print. While l I could not uncover an exact date of its creation, the mural appears to have been put up in early December, 2016.

Love Beyond Borders

“Our world feels divisive, right now, so the message of universal inclusivity is very important, and especially because many of our political leaders are suggesting otherwise,” Formichetti says in a statement on the brand’s website. “I believe in Love Beyond Borders, and that’s very much so at the core of Nicopanda.”

Love Beyond Borders
Love Beyond Borders Shown Here Alongside a Lion Mural By South African Street Artist Sonny.

To announce the mural, Nicopanda created a short film, starring a cast of Yew York kids, most notably the rising green-haired rapper Ahsh EFF. Watch the video, at This Link!

Kobra Anti-Gun Violence Mural, LES

Kobra Anti-Gun Mural
Photos By Gail

On one of my recent Street Art Safaris, I found myself walking east on Eldridge Street, where I couldn’t help but notice more than a few stickers and small murals supporting anti-gun violence messages.  And then I saw this one: another work by Brazilian street artist Eduardo Kobra, whose work is instantly recognizable for its kaleidoscopic mosaic of bright colors. Kobra’s Stop Guns is a multi-story artwork depicting a young boy posing for a selfie, with his phone held up in one hand and a pistol gripped in the other. Very sobering. Appropriately, the piece is located adjacent to a parking lot beside Cascades High School.

Kobra Anti-Gun Mural

This Mural, Which Went Up on August 8th, 2018, is Located at the Corner of Stanton and Eldridge Streets on NYC’s Lower East Side.

Pink Thing of The Day: Flamingos Vintage Clothing Store Security Gate Mural

Flamingos Vintage Pound
Photo By Gail

Flamingos stores sell vintage clothing by the pound! This one, with its awesome tropical-themed Pink Flamingo security gate mural, is located on New York City’s LES at 57 Stanton Street!

Vandal Gummy Bear on Stanton Street

WhIsBe Gummy Bear
Photo By Gail

Here’s well-preserved example of anonymous street artist WhIsBe’s Vandal Gummy series, for which he places an image of a Candy Gummy Bear against a Prison Mugshot Background. According to the artist’s Wiki page, “The juxtaposition between the harshness of the Department of Corrections and the innocence of the piece of candy encourages viewers to examine institutions and has become a hallmark of WhIsBe’s body of work.”

Photographed at 19 Stanton Street, Just East of Chrystie Street, LES, NYC.

Claw Money Mural, Lower East Side

Claw Money Mural
Photos By Gail

Claw Money (AKA Claudia Gold), whose Clawed Paw tag is all over the Lower East Side, is supposedly one of the most influential graffiti artists of all time, but, honestly, I never even heard of her or saw her art on the street until after she was a guest judge on the shitty reality series Street Art Throw-down, which was just an embarrassment.

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This mural is on the side of a Starbucks at the corner of Allen and Delancey Streets.

Claw Money Mural

Hey Bill, Just Admit It

Hey Bill Just Admit it
Photographed by Gail At Rivington and Essex Streets, LES

Street artist Flood is showing some support for the many ladies who have called out comedian Bill Cosby on charges of sexual assault, through a series of wheat pastes featuring characters from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, an animated TV show that ran from 1972 to 1985, which Cosby created based on kids he knew growing up in Northern Philadelphia.

Do you think Bill will ever “just admit it”? I’m not holding my breath.

Tengo Frio

Tengo Frio Snow Car
Photo By Gail

Mad Props to whomever wrote “I Am Cold” in Spanish on this snow-covered car. Spotted on Eldridge Street, LES.