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Happy Birthday, Dave Mustaine!

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth was born on this day, September 13th in 1961, which makes him just a wee bit younger than me (bastard). I had dinner with Dave once and, aside from being hilarious and a super nice guy, I can tell you that he has (or at least had) the most beautiful hair in Rock. I bet he is a Pantene guy, for sure.  Happy Birthday, Dave!


Top Ten Random Search Phrases That Link to Worleygig.com!

compute boy
Happy Web Surfing!

The following are my ten favorite random key phrases used on search engines that I pulled off the Worleygig.com stats page for the month of March, 2006.

1. Do frogs really sit on lily pads
2. Nine Inch Gails (obviously a typo, which makes it even more hilarious)
3. Feeling lyrics Pantene
4. Zombie Cake
5. Hip hop punk funk mambo ska (when one search phrase must cover all the basses)
6. When did Nikki Sixx get sober
7. Myspace.com/how I became the bomb
8. AOL sucks
9. As gay as pink suede (I must have once used this phrase in an article)
10. Beyonce’s Ass