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Jesus Shaves

Jesus Shaves
Photo By Gail

Spotted on Ludlow Street near Canal.




Love Spray

Love Spray
Photo By Gail

Caution: Contents May Be Contagious. This Love Spray Can sticker / wheatpaste by Consumer can be spotted all over downtown, and the Chelsea Gallery District, which is where this photo was snapped.

love spray by consumer photo by gail worley

This one was spotted at loading dock in the Meatpacking District on July 18th, 2020.

Sheep Thinks She’s Barbie

Sheep Barbie
Photo By Gail

I see the Street Tag “Sheep” — with the second ‘e’ written backwards — all over downtown, and today I saw it in this variation. The artist is Little Ricky.  Photographed on Houston walking east from Sixth Avenue.

Bat Man Sticker By Elle

Bat Man Sticker by Elle

Photographed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Cream of Insulin Soup

Insulin Soup
Photo By Gail

This sticker was spotted on Tenth Avenue between 25th and 26th Streets.

Update January 2019: It seems that this work can be attributed to the Street Artist Appleton, whose work is about creating Diabetes awareness. See another of his pieces at This Link!

Look Good, Feel Great!

Look Good, Feel Great
Photo By Gail

I saw this cheerful little sticker somewhere on 11th Avenue when I was on an afternoon gallery crawl in Chelsea last week. It appears to be part of the 100 Day Project, which you can read more about at This Link!

Homer Made To Stay

Homer Made to Stay
Photo By Gail

I saw a couple of these Homer Made To Stay stickers — where the “O” in Homer is a Pink Frosted Sprinkled Donut — on 11th Avenue between 18th and 20th Streets when I was in that area recently. I can’t find any reference to its meaning or creator on the Google. And so, it remains a mystery until someone leaves an enlightening message in the comments; which means you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

Vampire Street Art Sticker

Vampire Sticker

Photographed by me on Spring Street between Elizabeth and Bowery.

No Humping

Do Not Hump

Don’t even think about Humping here.

Thanks to Olivia Narcisse For the Image!

Skull MacBook Sticker

Skull MacBook Sticker 2
Image Source

Gee whiz, what a handsome sticker for your Rad MacBook! Available to own for just 12 Euros from French Stickers!