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Eye On Design: 19th Century Whale Oil Lamps

glass oil lamps photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

This collection of decorative glass whale oil lamps (1850 – 1900, artists unknown) are made from a variety of materials including pressed and free-blown glass, marble, brass tin and other metals. During the 1840s, considered the peak of whale commerce, US ships set sail from New England ports, hunting diverse whale species across oceans from the western arctic to Brazil. Continue reading Eye On Design: 19th Century Whale Oil Lamps

Instagram Photo of The Week: Origami Christmas Tree at the AMNH

If you’re lucky enough to be in Manhattan at Christmastime and you’re checking off a list of holiday sights to see, be sure to add the Origami Christmas Tree at the American Museum of Natural History, which is perhaps the most unique holiday tree in the city. The theme of this year’s 13-foot tree is Gems of the Museumfeaturing 50 specially created gold-colored models in recognition of the ‘Golden Anniversary’ (50th Origami Tree) of this Museum tradition, which started in the 1970s. Among the more than 1,000 origami pieces decorating the tree are models of dazzling specimens from the new Allison and Roberto Mignone Halls of Gems and Minerals, “jaw-some” pieces inspired by the new special exhibition Sharksand those depicting iconic Museum exhibits like the Blue Whale, Titanosaur, and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Produced in partnership with OrigamiUSA, the Origami Tree is delightfully decorated with hand-folded paper models created by local, national, and international origami artists. See it now through January 9th, 2022!

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Killer Whale Swing

Shark Attack Swing
Thanks to Robert Parslow for the Image!

My friend Robert posted this guy on my FaceBook page with no further information. So, if you want to find it, and buy one for yourself, you will have to do your own Googling.

Electric Storytime is Back!

Illustration From The Unicorn Doctor

After an excruciatingly unbearable nine month hiatus, Anthony Jaffe is once again publishing his hilarious and deeply twisted short stories on the always compelling Electric Storytime Blogspot. Thank you, Jesus! Of the 102 amazing stories on this fabulous blog, the one about an old lady and her pet whale is my favorite.