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The Best Watches for Fashion-Forward Women

blonde woman beach with watch
Photo by Lola Rose from Unsplash

Timepieces have long been an essential accessory in women’s fashion. More than just a practical tool for telling time, a stylish and elegant watch can make a statement about a woman’s taste, personality, and sense of style. A well-chosen wrist watch can elevate an outfit, make a bold fashion statement, or serve as a subtle yet sophisticated accent. In today’s fast-paced world, having a fashionable watch on your wrist not only keeps you punctual but also exudes confidence and flair.
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6 Ways To Enhance Your Basic Outfit With Staple Accessories

array of fashion accessories
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We all have that one go-to outfit: the one we feel most comfortable in and know that we look good when wearing it. But sometimes, even our favorite outfit can start to feel a little bit boring. If you’re in need of a style refresh, don’t reach for your credit card just yet. With a few key staple pieces, such as those offered by Jewlr, you can easily update your look without breaking the bank. Here are six ways to pump up your basic outfit with some must-have accessories.
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6 Reasons Why Online Head Shops are Preferred

online head shop image

While it’s true that smoking aficionados can buy from brick-and-mortar head shops right away, without having to wait for a shipment, an Online Head Shop, for a variety of reasons, is a much better place to shop. Smart, responsible smokers buy their smoking supplies from online headshops. Let’s look at the advantages that shopping online gives you.
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Researching Products for Your Truck, 2022

2022 trucks
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So, you’ve decided to buy a 2022 truck. Congratulations on your vehicle upgrade! Now comes the fun part — purchasing products to make your new truck even better. Adding a few finishing touches and product upgrades is a great way to customize your new truck to your liking. But you don’t want to waste your money on products that may not work with your vehicle’s make or model. Here are a few tips to try when researching products for your 2022 truck. Continue reading Researching Products for Your Truck, 2022

Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Christmas Tree Retail Display

pink christmas tree store display photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

I wish I could remember where I was when I took this photo of a little Pink Christmas Tree decorated with fluffy pom-poms instead of traditional glass balls. I suppose it’s meant to match the knitted hats you see on the display, you know,  for thematic cohesion, or something.