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Eye On Design: Freddie Mercury’s Silver Sequined Catsuit

freddie mercury silver catsuit photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail Except Where Noted

There’s a saying that being older (i.e. Baby Boomer generation) carries perks such as living at a time that allowed you to see all of the really cool bands in concert. I’ll own it. I have many priceless concert memories from the 1970s — like seeing The Who when the ticket price was $12! For me though, the real coupe was seeing Queen live in concert on each of the Night at The Opera, Day at The Races, and News of The World tours, and twice when they toured in support of their 1978 release, Jazz.  For this then-teenage Queen fan, my fervent ardor for Freddie Mercury and company moved beyond ‘favorite band’ status to being more like a religion, or a way of life. I wouldn’t trade that time in my life of anything.

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Eye On Design: Thierry Mugler, Machinenmensch Robot Suit

machinenmensch by thierry mugler photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Thierry Mugler took his inspiration from comic-book heroines and science-fiction, from uniforms and medieval armor, from industrial design and futuristic vehicles. The aerodynamic and robot-style looks he invented are now iconic. At the frontiers of reality, his automotive bodywork-clad creatures and cyborgs foreshadow today’s transhumanist endeavors in which body parts can actually be replaced by man-made equivalents. Continue reading Eye On Design: Thierry Mugler, Machinenmensch Robot Suit

Pink Thing Of The Day: Katy Perry’s Pink Catsuit and Boots

Katy Perry Pink Cat Boots
Photos By Gail

These Hot Pink custom boots, designed to mimic a pair of cat’s paws, were worn by pop star Katy Perry on her 2014 Prismatic Tour. Created by NYC-based design house The Blonds, the boots were part of a Pink Leopard-Print, Stretch Velvet Catsuit (seen below) worn by Perry onstage.

katy perry pink cat suit photo by gail worley

Pink Catsuit and Boots

Photographed in the Grammy Museum in Hollywood, California.