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Halloween Pet Costumes Gone Wrong!

Marilyn Pug

Visit This Link for more ideas on how to humiliate your dog on Halloween!

Moving: You Are Doing it Wrong

25 Epic Moving Fails
View Interactive Version (via TFM Removals).

Fail Button!

Fail Button

Do I even have to explain why you need this, especially for the office? Now there is a way to shoot down stupid ideas with the style and pizzazz they deserve, with the Fail Button from the NeatoShop. Press the big blue FAIL button and hear the sad trombone sound,”Wa Waa.” Excellent! Get yours now for just $11.95 at This Link!

Get and Share Some Laughs on Buzzlol.com!

iPhone Autocorrect Text Fail

Fans of this Blog know that I search tirelessly for the funniest, most visually absurd photos and jokes on the web, so that I can share them with you. Because that is how I roll. I just stumbled across a funny website that collects Photoshop Fails and assorted hilarious photos on every subject you can imagine – perfect for posting on your FaceBook page – called Buzz LOL, and you should check it out. Continue reading Get and Share Some Laughs on Buzzlol.com!