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Pink Thing of The Day: The Pink Fountain of Stuyvesant Town

pink fountain stuytown oval photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Nestled within the vibrant streets of the East Village in NYC, a whimsical wonder awaits those who know where the Neat Things are. The Pink Fountain of Stuyvesant Town, hidden within the charming enclave of Stuyvesant Oval, casts a spell on all who stumble upon its mesmerizing hues. As the sun dips below the horizon during the summer months, this magical fountain springs to life, radiating an enchanting spectrum of delicate pinks and deep purples. Living close to such a mystical marvel is nothing short of pure luck, a treasure to be cherished and celebrated. Continue reading Pink Thing of The Day: The Pink Fountain of Stuyvesant Town

Glass Vase With Dolphins

blue glass vase with dolphins photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Symbols of speed and good fortune, Dolphins swim down the sides of this ocean-colored vase (186670s) from Salviati & Co. John Ruskin’s Stones of Venice created a wave of enthusiasm for the lost art of cristallo. Published from 1851 to 1853, Ruskin’s book proved a stroke of good luck for Venetians seeking to revive old glassblowing techniques.

blue glass vase with dolphins photo by gail worley
Installation View

Photographed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Anish Kapoor’s Decension in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Whirlpool Detail
All Photos By Gail

Brooklyn Bridge Park is fun place to hang out on a sunny weekend day. Into early September, there’s another reason to make a destination of this small oasis that rests in the shadow on one of the city’s major landmarks: that being Anish Kapoor’s Descension whirlpool installation!

Decension Signage and Entrance

For more than 35 years, Anish Kapoor — an Indian artist who now lives in London — has been among the most creative artists of his generation. He has created compelling and poetic bodies of work using a range of materials that include raw pigment, stone, stainless steel, synthetic polymer, resin, and wax. He also has a longstanding interest in the sculptural potential of water.

Descension From a Distance

Descension Approach


Descension With Bridge

Decension, presented for the first time in the United States, represents a breakthrough with this inherently challenging, slippery substance. I visited the site on the (unfortunately overcast) Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, where I took a short video as I became hypnotized by the deep whooshing sound of the endless swirling water. Enjoy!

Like all of Kapoor’s works, Decension is the result of intensive research into material and process, exploring the potential of water to behave in surprising ways. The continuous swirling motion of this 26-foot-diameter liquid mass converges in a central vortex, as if rushing water is being sucked into the earth’s depths. We thus experience Kapoor’s abstract form on multiple levels. Its powerful physicality has a visceral and mesmerizing impact. Yet Descension also stimulates the imagination and suggests a social, cultural and even mythic dimension.


Descension is on view at Pier 1’s Bridge View Lawn until September 10th, 2017. Viewing times are 9:00 am-9:00 pm daily except during inclement weather.

Descension Close Up