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Clive Murphy’s Post Neo Proto Demo

Clive Murphy New Geometry
All Photos By Gail (Click on Any Image to Enlarge)

Clive Murphys’s Post Neo Proto Demo exhibit is one that Geoffrey and I literally stumbled onto while in the same West 26th Street building for an entirely different exhibit. But I was immediately drawn into the Magnan Metz Gallery’s street level space because I cannot resist an exhibit that mixes Contemporary art with Modern Furniture Design. So, yeah.

Clive Murphy Plant

Post Neo Proto Demo, Murphy’s third solo show at the gallery, “comments on how ones living space is a representation of a created personal philosophy” – that is certainly true in my apartment! – exploring the relationship between the radical and the domestic.

TV Antennas

Taking the legacy of Modernism and the avant-garde as its point of departure, Murphy deconstructs and reassembles, delicately blending the familiar with uncanny, the purposeful with the dysfunctional.

Clive Murphy Green Floor Lamp

The exhibition includes altered domestic tableaus comprised of sculpture made with modified domestic materials. The result allows the viewer to participate in Murphy’s inversion of the classic furniture showroom by blending the purposeful with dysfunctional.

Clive Murphy Material World

In addition, new works drawn and spray painted on pages from iconic furnishing catalogs mirror the arranged living space tableaus with a tongue-in-cheek disruption of idealized domesticity.

Clive Murphy Tabletop Sculpture

I wish that some of these items were for sale at IKEA, because I would totally love to see them in my apartment. At any rate, I left with few inspired new design ideas of my own.

Clive Murphy Asian Lamp Sculpture

Clive Murphy’s Post Neo Proto Demo Will be on Exhibit Through April 12th, 2014 at Mangan Metz Gallery, Located at 521 West 26th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Clive Murphy Post Neo Proto Demo

Hot Dog: Not Actual Size

Hot Dog Not Actual Size
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You know, I can’t help but wonder if this disclaimer was necesary, or if it was put on there just for added snark. The latter, I hope.

IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs Lunch: Tasty Treat of The Day!

Ikea Swedish Meatballs

If you’re one of the thousands of avid fans who read this blog religiously, you might recall that in the summer of 2008, Geoffrey and I took an urban field trip to the new Ikea in Redhook, Brooklyn, which opened that June, in order to provide residents of the NYC Metropolitan area with a warehouse-sized shopping facility at which to purchase cheap and interesting furniture. And very reasonably priced scented candles in reusable containers. And a lot of other cool stuff that you convince yourself you need to own because it costs a dollar. Today happened to be a beautiful day to get outside of Manhattan, so G and I decided to take the 4 or 5 train to Borough Hall, where we could catch the free Ikea Shuttle bus and do a little shopping. Before we started our shopping however, we made sure to check out Ikea’s massive cafeteria, because we needed sustenance. Everybody is always talking about the Swedish meatball lunch you can get at Ikea for almost no money, so I was down with checking that out, and I was not disappointed. Jesus god, lunch at Ikea is such a bargain, it is insane. For $4.99 you get 15 delicious Swedish Meatballs, yummy mashed potatoes and awesome gravy, and tangy, sweet lingonberry sauce. A soda (refillable) will set you back $1.29. Geoffrey had the Chicken Fingers and fries, which also cost about $4.99, and also a side of pasta with red sauce that had stuff in it (because he is a growing boy and needs his carbs) for $1.99. They have other hot meals as well plus desserts and salads and other goodies. On our way out after we had purchased our Ikea booty, G treated us both to a vanilla yogurt soft serve cone for $1.  While we waited for the shuttle bus that would take us safely back to the train, we listened to music from The Darkness as it was broadcast to waiting customers outside the store. Remember when that band was popular? It seems like such a long time ago. Anyway, all in all it was a fun and tasty day! Ikea!

Urban Field Trip of the Week: Ikea!


Today Geoffrey and I had a very exciting adventure together when we hauled our tight little asses out to Redhook, Brooklyn and spent a couple of hours wandering around in a daze inside the gargantuan new Ikea that opened just last Wednesday. It was so much fun! Here’s what I came back to the city with:

4 Black 20-inch square throw pillows

1 Multi-colored rag rug for my kitchen floor

1 Vanilla candle in reusable glass holder

1 Lint roller

Total cost for all this loot: $20!!

Gee wiz, what a bargain! I will be returning to Ikea again and again!