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Eugenio Merino’s Always Shameless at UNIX Gallery

Row of Coke Cases
All Photos By Gail

If you like Coca Cola and World Politics and have a twisted sense of humor, then UNIX Gallery in Chelsea is currently hosting an exhibit you will enjoy. Always Shameless, an exhibition of new work by Spanish artist Eugenio Merino is instantly polarizing for its depiction of life-sized Political Leaders including Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, Vladimir Putin and George W. Bush displayed in Coca Cola Refrigerator Coffins. Surely, this visual alone will inspire hours of lively discourse.

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Top Ten Things I Learned from Hurricane Sandy

Sandy Mercedes Mail Box
Image Source

Your Neighbors are looking out for you, even if you think they don’t know who you are.

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Floor Tom Refrigerator

Floor Tom Fridge

I found this photo of a mini-fridge made from a modified Floor Tom Shell posted on the FaceBook page of a friend. I knew immediately that I needed to steal it for this blog, so that it could join the legions of posts about drumkit cakes and drumkits made from discarded barrels and snare drum lamps. I did a lot of Googling on this item and I couldn’t find an original image source or a vendor/price, so it you happen to have any further information on whether this item is real or Photoshopped (in which case, nice job!) please leave it in the comments!

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Pink Thing of The Day: Vintage Fridge!

Big Chill

Gee whiz, you could store a month’s worth of groceries in this behemoth!

Video of the Day: Boy Meets Lobster

I’m not a generally known to be much of a “kid person,” but this little boy reacting to a bunch of Lobsters is just all kinds of adorable fun. I totally succumbed to a cuteness attack while watching this one!