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Pink Thing of The Day: Bathtub With Pink Water

Down Below
Photos By Gail

This old-fashioned Claw Foot Enamel Bathtub with Pink Water draining from it onto the floor is actually a sculpture called Down Below (2018), by the artist Sarah Lucas. The ‘water’ is made from rubber acrylic.

Photographed in the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC

Down Below

Sarah Lucas, Nud Nob at Gladstone Gallery

Metalic Gourd
All Photos By Gail

If you enjoy looking at sculptures of dicks and phallus-shaped objects, then have I got an art exhibit for you! Sarah Lucas’s Nud Nob, up now at the Gladstone Gallery, features a series of large-scale bronze and cast-concrete sculptures displayed either on pedestals or installed directly on the gallery floor. Most of them look like penises. Just being serious.

The large sculpture of a gourd or squash, seen above, is perfectly innocent — I mean it’s obviously a vegetable — until you see it being placed in the context of a collection of phallic symbols. And then it just becomes a penis. Likewise, there is large photo on the rear wall of the gallery in which this squash sculpture is displayed that features a chicken carcase contextualized to look so much like a vagina that I couldn’t even bring myself to photograph it. So, maybe don’t bring the kids to this one, is what I’m saying.

Sara Lucas Sculpture

Does this a sculpture depict two people having sex? You be the judge.

Metallic Nob Sculpture

Banana Eating Model and Penis

In this gallery you can see floor to ceiling photos of an attractive model enthusiastically eating a Banana. And, oh yeah, there’s  a huge concrete Penis in the center of the room. Art!

Nud Nob by Sarah Lucas will be on Exhibit Through April 26, 2014 at Gladstone Gallery, Located at 515 West 24th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

David Nolan Presents: Sculpture After Artschwager

Sculpture After Artschwager
All Photos By Gail

David Nolan Gallery is currently hosting Sculpture after Artschwager – an exhibition which examines the diverse legacy of American artist, Richard Artschwager, who passed away earlier this year at the age of eighty.

Artschwager Exhibit

Geoffrey and I made pass through the show on our recent art crawl and I wanted to post a few of my favorite pieces from the exhibit.

Artschwager Exhibit

Besides Artschwager, the show brings together ten artists including Justin Adian, Dan Colen / Nate Lowman, Martin Kippenberger, Sarah Lucas, Ciprian Muresan, Isabel Nolan, Blair Thurman, John Torreano and Gavin Turk. These are all artists whose work was highly influenced by Artschwager’s themes and formal innovations.

Artschwager Exhibit

Detail from the piece, above.

Artschwager Exhibit

I’m not sure who the artist of this piece above is, but the structure and color reminds of the young street artist, Aakash Nihalani.

Sculpture after Artschwager will be on Exhibit Through October 26th, 2013 at David Nolan Gallery, 527 West 29th Street, In the Chelsea Gallery District