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Sunbathers II On The High Line

Sunbathers Ice Cream Cone
All Photos By Gail

Kathryn Andrews appropriates images from popular culture, often American movies, television, and stock photography archives. She then alters and re-contextualizes these images into three-dimensional configurations to create new narratives where viewers are invited to rethink the photographs in relation to their own bodies.

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Sleepwalker on The High Line

All Photos By Gail

On my way to a Press Preview at the Whitney Museum last week, I decided to take the scenic route; walking along the High Line from 14th Street to Gansevoort Street. Because why not. As I hit the top of the stairs, I was met with this somewhat disquieting vision.

Sleepwalker From The Rear

Yes, creepy! Of course, after a split second, I realized that I was looking at a statue, and not some random bald guy clad only in tighty whities, stalking unsuspecting nature lovers in sub-40 degree weather. As it turns out, I had come upon Tony Matelli’s Sleepwalker (2014), part of the Wanderlust series of public art installations along the west side’s elevated High Line Park. Very fun!

Sleepwalker Close Up

For Sleepwalker, Matelli presents a hyper-realistic painted bronze sculpture of a somnambulant man lost and adrift in the world, meandering about in a deep sleep. An amusing take on the theme of walking, Matelli’s sculpture challenges preconceived ideas about traditional monumental portraiture, and questions the extent to which any one of us is ever fully aware of our surrounding.

Sleepwalker Selfie
“Wait, Let Me Put My Hat On Him…”

And based on what I observed in the five or so minutes I was hanging out, the number of degrading selfies that this poor sculpture is likely subject to on a daily basis is certainly limitless. Oy.


Sleepwalker will be on display on the High Line at 14th Street until March 31, 2017.




Margaret Thatcher Projects Gallery Presents Venske & Spänle’s Wanderlust

Yesterday was the first “no coat required” day to grace NYC weather in about 2 months, so I took advantage of the pleasant outsider conditions to venture across town to a few galleries on West 23rd Street. While I had missed the opening party on Thursday, I wanted to make sure I saw the Wanderlust exhibit currently on view at Margaret Thatcher Projects. You can see by these pictures that it was worth trip.

Working in the style that they are globally famous for, artist couple Venske & Spänle have created an amazing array of almost anthropomorphic-seeming sculptures from solid chunks of Northern Italian white Lasa marble. Ranging in size from sculptures over five feet tall, which are placed amid an organic panorma (Dolomites, Southern Tyrol), at the gallery front to smaller, table-top sculptures engaged in whimsical activities, Venske & Spänle’s work is extremely compelling and encourages imaginative extrapolation in the viewer. I really dug it. You can read the full exhibit press release at This Link. In the mean time, I definitely recommend that you add this exhibit to your next scheduled gallery crawl, but don’t wait too long!

Wanderlust shows through May 7, 2011 at Margaret Thatcher Projects, 539 West 23rd Street, NYC. Gallery Hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.