The Pervasive Influence of David Bowie in Art and Pop Culture

bowies eyes by elena lobanowa photo by gail worley
Bowie’s Eyes By Elena Lobanowa (All Photos By Gail)

For more years than I can recall, I’ve been photo-documenting the proliferation of David Bowie’s likeness on assorted things ranging from art and street art, to holiday ornaments, toys, books, mugs, magnets, what have you. With a few exceptions, most of these photos never make it into a blog post: I just like to collect them. Because, David Bowie. After recently spotting two pieces of Bowie-inspired street art on the same block in Greenpoint, I finally decided to load them all into one big Bowie extravaganza. Please enjoy!

david bowie art photo by gail worley

Let’s start with the most obvious appropriation of any Bowie symbol: The Aladdin Sane Lightning Bolt, because that shit is everywhere. The above Bowie college was photographed in the booth for the Miller Gallery (SC), at the Affordable Art Fair a few years ago. I don’t know the artist but they at least got a decent likeness, which isn’t always a given (more about this later).

david bowie surfboard photo by gail worley

Here’s Aladdin Sane on a surfboard by Parisian artist Cieu. The piece is called Let’s Surf and it was also shot at the Affordable Art Fair in NYC.

david bowie by lauren moran photo by gail worley

This pen and ink sketch of a somewhat stylized Bowie is by Lauren Moran, photographed at Flame Con in 2019.

bowie by micha kuechenhoff grant rosen photo by gail worley

Photographed in October at Art Expo NY, this Aladdin Sane-Meets-Major Tom is a collaboration by artists Micha Kuechenhoff and Grant Rosen. I like it.

david bowie zip pouch photo by gail worley

Sometimes the face doesn’t look anything like Bowie, but you can still tell it is Bowie because there’s a lighting bolt across the face. This Aladdin Sane zip pouch, by The Found Gifts and More, was spotted at a NY Now gift show here in NYC. The Aladdin/Ziggy-hybrid mug, and Ziggy Birthday Card (where Bowie looks kind of Asian) below are also by The Found.

david bowie mug photo by gail worleydavid bowie magnet photo by gail worley

The felted ornament below, artist unknown (NY Now), once again merges Aladdin and Ziggy. But nobody cares at this point.

felted bowie ornament photo by gail worley
bowie ornaments by cody foster photo by gail worley

More Bowie ornaments that don’t look like Bowie by Cody Foster & Co.

bowie cuteness photo by gail worley

What is this? Who knows!  This Ziggy-inspired cuteness (spotted at Five Points Festival) is by Lovecats Collectibles.

bowie side chair photo by gail worley

Here’s a rare piece, spotted at the BDNY (Boutique Design Show) in 2019, that I wrote an entire post about: the Aladdin Sane side chair from Century Industries by designer Lenny Levine in collaboration with Heloise Godin.

david bowie children book photo by gail worley

Someone wrote a children’s book about Bowie, because of course they did.

bowie rebel street art photo by gail worley

This  Aladdin Sane street art mural still exists, and you can read more about it by clicking Here.

bowie street art photo by gail worley

How many Bowie references can you spot in this mural, which is adjacent to the piece shown above it?

bowie paste up photo by gail worley

Shhhh! Spot the Bowie paste up on this graffiti wall in the East Village.

bowie paste up by the postman photo by gail worley

David Bowie paste up by The Postman, spotted in Freeman Alley.

bowie paste up photo by gail worley

Paste up by Ultra Marine Dream, spotted in Freeman Alley.

space oddity by voxx romana photo by gail worley

Space Oddity by Voxx Romana in Freeman Alley.

halloween jack paste up photo by gail worley

Halloween Jack paste up by Meesh spotted in Williamsburg.

halloween jack street art photo by gail worley

Halloween Jack with a gas mask street art by Bastardbot spotted in Greenpoint.

ziggy by city kitty street photo by gail worley

This Ziggy by City Kitty Street with d7606 was on the same wall as the piece by Bastardbot.

labyrinth art by jellykoe photo by gail worley

Here’s a visual palate cleanser, and one of two Labyrinth pieces in this post: Sarah, Jareth and Baby Brother by Jellykoe. Cute!

david bowie monopoly game

Yes, It Exists: The David Bowie Monopoly game. I bought it last Christmas as a gift for a friend.

david bowie monopoly game
ziggy glam breakfast mug photo by gail worley

Ziggy Glam Breakfast mug spotted at Flame Con.

db mini lego by spandex photo by gail worley

Ah, you really can’t escape Ziggy:  Mini Lego figure (and Halloween Jack / Ziggy Mash Up, below) by Spandex, spotted at Five Points Fest.

db mini lego by spandex photo by gail worley
bowie union jack coat photo by gail worley

We’re going to wrap this up with the fine art pieces in this collection, such as this 3-D painting of Bowie’s Union Jack Coat from the album Earthling. Artist unknown, photographed at the Art Expo NY a few years back.

pink mug shots photo by gail worley

Russell Marshall’s  Photo Opportunity / Shocking Pink is a collection of mug shots of famous musicians and actors. Bowie is in the center row, far right. Photographed at the Affordable Art Fair.

david bowie heroes by david hollier photo by gail worley

David Bowie (Heroes) by David Hollier.

bowie by cesar baez photo by gail worley

A very interesting take on Bowie by Cesar Baez.

david bowie goblin king glam scott scheidly photo by gail worley

From Scott Scheidly’s Glamor Shots Series: David as Jareth the Goblin King. Photographed in NYC.

diamond dogs photo by gail worley

My most recent addition to this collection is the Diamond Dogs album cover embroidered by Stephen Wilson. Photographed in early November at The Other Art Fair in Brooklyn.

Until next time, Bowie Lives!

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