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Yes, It Exists: Cock Soup

cock soup photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Okay, technically this is Cock-Flavour (sp) Noodle Soup, but still. Couldn’t they just call it Chicken flavored soup mix? Talk about being desperate for attention.

Photographed in a Random Grocery Shop in London.

Honey, I’m Home!

Oh hey! In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been on vacation. Did you miss me? I just got back late last night from 3 days in New Orleans followed by a 7 Day/Night Caribbean Cruise on the lovely Carnival Triumph  – the greatest ship at sea!  I highly recommended a Carnival Cruise (or any cruise, but Carnival is awesome) for any vacation you might consider! I’m still getting used to not feeling the motion of the ocean! And, surprisingly, NYC feels not so humid after some of the ports I’ve been in over the past 10 days! Cruisin’!