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Yes, It Exists: Cock Soup

cock soup photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Okay, technically this is Cock-Flavour (sp) Noodle Soup, but still. Couldn’t they just call it Chicken flavored soup mix? Talk about being desperate for attention.

Photographed in a Random Grocery Shop in London.

Red Horse Head on West 50th Street

Red Horse Head Citizen M Hotel
All Photos By Gail

The thing about being an Art Lover in NYC is that you don’t even have to go to a museum or gallery to see art, because art is literally everywhere. Geoffrey and I were walking East on West 50th Street on our way to MOMA and we passed this crazy Red Horse Head. We just had to stop and admire it, because it was part of an even larger, street-exposed display of sculptures and plants and very interesting things that you see below.

CitizenM Hotel Display

Yes, this collection of lovely and curious things was just off the sidewalk — not behind a door or window – exposed to anyone who happened to walk by. It turns out that this display is part of the CitizenM Hotel.

Also, you can see these little guys!





CitizenM Hotel is located at 218 West 50th Street Near Times Square in New York City. It looks like a cool and reasonably priced (for NYC) place to stay. Visit them on the web at This Link!

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