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Tatiana Trouvé’s Desire Lines in Central Park

Desire Lines
All Photos By Gail

For her first public commission in the United States, Tatiana Trouvé (b. 1968, Cosenza, Italy) has made a work that responds to Central Park. She came to see the miles of pedestrian paths that traverse its landscape as similar to the arteries of a living being. There’s no singular way to walk through the park, but rather a multitude of possible routes that may be followed according to our own desires.
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Olaf Bruening Clouds In Central Park

Olaf Breuning Clouds
All Photos By Gail

Just in time for Spring, Olaf Breuning’s installation, Clouds arrived in Central Park on March 4th. The six Bright Blue Clouds tower nearly 35 feet above the plaza at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 60th Street just on the border of the Park. Held aloft among the trees by rudimentary steel supports, the Clouds are made of polished and painted aluminum and were cut to match a hand drawing by the artist.
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Raspberry Pistachio Tartlette from Financier Patisserie


The highlight of today’s Bastille Day on 60th Street Fair was a stop at the booth sponsored by high-end pastry shop chain, Financier Patisserie. We were blown away when we tasted their delicious Raspberry Tartlettes, which are baked on a rich buttery-sugary tart pastry, filled with a pistachio pastry cream (including scattered, tiny bits of pistachio nuts) and then densely topped with the freshest, juiciest raspberries imaginable. I especially loved how the pistachio creme had nudged its way up into each individual raspberry, giving each bite an extra mini “wow” factor. Financier’s Co-Owner and Executive Pastry Chef Eric Bedoucha (a total sweetheart who was doing an expert PR job manning the booth along with his staff), also gifted each of us with a box of the store’s signature tiny Financier cakes – a unique French pastry which is a rich almond cake traditionally baked in the shape of a gold bar. Vive La France! Financier’s latest store just opened this past Friday, July 7th at 90 Nassau Street at Fulton Street in the Financial district, where it all started. To find the Financier shop nearest you, and taste what I consider to be the best pastries in the city, visit This Link.

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