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Olaf Bruening Clouds In Central Park

Olaf Breuning Clouds
All Photos By Gail

Just in time for Spring, Olaf Breuning’s installation, Clouds arrived in Central Park on March 4th. The six Bright Blue Clouds tower nearly 35 feet above the plaza at the intersection of 5th Avenue and 60th Street just on the border of the Park. Held aloft among the trees by rudimentary steel supports, the Clouds are made of polished and painted aluminum and were cut to match a hand drawing by the artist.

Olaf Breuning Clouds View Towards Park
View of Clouds Looking Towards The Park

Calling to mind the set design of a school play or child-like drawings of the sky, the idea for this work is inspired by one of the artist’s staged photographs. For that earlier work, Breuning used cranes and cherry pickers to raise large blue drawings of clouds high in the air, creating a momentary scene to be captured by the camera.

Olaf Breuning Clouds View Towards 5th Ave
Clouds View Looking Towards 5th Ave

The exhibit is supported by Public Art Fund. Find out more about the Clouds installation at This Link!

Olaf Breuning Clouds Signage

Getty Sheep Station, Corner of 27th Street and Tenth Avenue

Francois Xavier Lalanne Sheep Station with Pumps Side View 2
Art By Francois-Xavier Lalanne (All Photos By Gail)

French artist Francois Xavier Lalanne and Paul Kasmin Gallery are in the process of transforming the Getty service station located at the Northwest corner of Tenth Avenue and 27th Street into an urban Sheep Meadow and it’s a total kick!

Francois Xavier Lalanne Sheep Station

The installation is almost finished and it’s easy to take lots of pictures from the sidewalk, but it won’t be officially open until Tuesday, September 17th, at which point viewers may enter the space and walk among the sheep.

Francois Xavier Lalanne Sheep Station with Pumps Side View

Francois Xavier Lalanne Sheep Station with Pumps

Getty Sheep Station By Francois Xavier Lalanne will be on Exhibit to all who wander by from September 17th to October 2oth, 2013, just across the street from the Paul Kasmin Gallery.

Francois Xavier Lalanne Sheep Station Signage 2

Coiled Met Life Building By Alexandre Arrechea

Coiled Met Life Building By Alexandre Arrechea 1
Photographed By Gail Near the Flatiron Building

This amazing and fun sculpture of an elongated and coiled Met Life Building is part of No Limits, a series of similar sculptures, each one re-imagining a famous NYC Landmark Towers, all conceived and executed by artist Alexandre Arrechea. These sculpture were just relocated from the Park Avenue Plaza, which divides the two-way traffic on Park Avenue above Grand Central Station, where they were stationed until June 9th. I had the pleasure of discovering this one just adjacent to the Flatiron Building, on 23rd Street where 5th Avenue crosses Broadway. You could have fun looking for them around the city. Keep your camera ready!

Coiled Met Life Building

La Roche-Posay Presents Summer in the Shade

 BMF Media Umbrellas Installation4

BMF Media is  inviting the public to see the art installation they’ve designed and produced for La Roche-Posay Dermatology and the Women’s Dermatologic Society to kick off their Summer in the Shade program. The installation of dozens of suspended orange and white umbrellas  is set up in the New York Flatiron Plaza North, on 23rd St. between 5th Ave. and Broadway. Continue reading La Roche-Posay Presents Summer in the Shade