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The Beatles: Now on iTunes

That is all.

Bacon Thing of the Day: Bacon Apple Pie

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I’m a huge fan of the sweet-and-savory taste combination. If you feel similarly, check out this recipe for Bacon Apple Pie! I’d bet that crispy bacon would also taste pretty good covering a peach pie. Enjoy!

How Addicted to Apple Products Are You?

54%How Addicted to Apple Are You?

Actually, I am 100% addicted, because Macs rule and PCs suck ass, but this quiz gives kind of skewed results if you don’t own an iPhone and don’t plan on buying one in the immediate future.

Awesome Video: Microsoft Redesigns the iPod Package

No one hates Microsoft more than me. I’ll be an Apple fan until they pry my iMac mouse from my cold dead fingers, so I never miss an opportunity to rip Bill Gates a new one. Enjoy!