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GI Jane Pumps

GI Jane Shoe
Image Source

These GI Jane Pumps, featuring a tiny Green Army Man on the toe, were designed by artist Sebastian Errazuriz as part of his 12 Shoes for 12 Lovers Exhibit. Because All’s Fair in Love, War and Fashion Footwear. Read more about the exhibit at This Link.

Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Gorilla!

Pink Gorilla by Ron English
Image Source

Waging War on some Green Army Men in Pin Tanks, No Less. Art Courtesy of Ron English.

Song Lyrics Of The Day:” Nick Lowe, “30” High”

Green Army Men

“Once I was a soldier
I rode on a big white horse.
Silver pistols at my sides,
carrying the flags of war.
And I lost track of the men who fell
in the cannon’s roar.
I never got over
being a soldier.”

– Nick Lowe, “36” High”