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Favorite Late Summer Playlist

Playlist Thursday Orange

Presented here without commentary.

“All The Young Dudes,”  Mott The Hoople

“Fade Into You,” Mazzy Star

“Suedehead,” Morrissey

“Kickstart My Heart,” Motley Crue

“Ceremony,” New Order

“Hair Of The Dog,” Nazreth

“Love Hurts,” Nazreth

“About A Girl,” Nirvana

“On a Plain,” Nirvana

“Drain You,” Nirvana

“Spirit in the Sky,” Norman Greenbaum

“I Can’t Wait,” Nu Shooz

“Roll With It,” Oasis

“She’s Electric,” Oasis

“Superman’s Dead,” Our Lady Peace

“Crazy,” Patsy Cline

“My Love,” Paul McCartney

“Kicks,” Paul Revere & The Raiders

“Black,” Pearl Jam

“Always On My Mind,” Pet Shop Boys

“Set Adrift On Memory Bliss,” PM Dawn

“Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand,” Primitive Radio Gods

“Go With The Flow,” Queens Of The Stone Age

“Radio Free Europe,”  R.E.M.

“Karma Police,”  Radiohead

“Everything In Its Right Place ,”  Radiohead

“Summer Breeze,”  Seals & Croft

“Stand!,”  Sly & The Family Stone

“Hot Fun In The Summertime,” Sly & The Family Stone

“1979,” Smashing Pumpkins

“Outshined,” Soundgarden

“The Day I Tried To Live,” Soundgarden

“In The Meantime,” Spacehog

“Connected,” Stereo MC’s

“I Wanna Be Adored,” Stone Roses

“Meant To Live,” Switchfoot

“Across The Universe,”  The Beatles

“Things We Said Today,”  The Beatles

“Do You Want To Know A Secret,” The Beatles

“Cry Baby Cry,” The Beatles

“How Deep Is Your Love,” Bee Gees

“Eight Miles High,” The Byrds

“Pictures Of You,” The Cure

“There She Goes,” The La’s

“Just Like Honey,” The Jesus and Mary Chain

* Playlist Originally Created by Mark Tortora and Edited by Gail

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Just this past weekend, Geoffrey and I were discussing (read: whining about) how rare it is these days that either one of us gets very excited about a new band, and how much time we spend loading our favorite classics onto our iPods. With most of the local record stores now closed (RIP Virgin Mega Store), it’s really challenging to find records from bands I loved growing up, but whose music I somehow neglected to buy when it was new. Thank god it’s really never too late to find all of your forgotten favorites, because I just discovered a cool online source for Oldies Music at a site called i-Oldies Music Store. i-Oldies Music Store has over 15 million songs to choose from in online archive of classics from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s! The site features a fun search interface that looks like an old time Jukebox and all you have to do is type in a favorite Band, Song or Album and the results come right up for you to browse through. You can even search by the year a song was released, which is cool if you’re ever putting together an oldies play list for a party. The store also sells new releases by classic artists such as Glen Campbell’s latest release, Ghost on the Canvas. I can already tell that i-Oldies Music Store is going to become favorite destination for me. Check it out and bookmark it when you get the chance!