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Pink Thing of The Day: Life Size Barbie’s Dream House

Barbies Dream House Living Room
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Jesus God, I would so live in this place. This 3,500 square foot house in Malibu, California was designed by “Happy Chic” interior designer Jonathan Adler in March of 2009 for Barbie’s 50th Birthday and was never open to the public. At least we have photos, viewable via the above link, to see what a masterpiece of pink pop culture it truly was. *Sigh*

Thanks fro Neatorama for The Tip!

Barbies Dream House Closet

Holy Effing Crap: Worleygig.com Scores Number 6 Position Among Pop Culture Blogs!

Dude, check this shit out: Among FaceBook’s Top 50 Blogs in Pop Culture that’s Worleygig.com you see at the Number 6 position – ahead of iconic sites like Perez Hilton, Gawker and Best Week Ever! Thanks to all of my readers for your support, and if you’re not already following The ‘Gig on FaceBook, you can now do so at This Link.

Update: Some clickable links have been removed from this post as FaceBook’s Networked Blogs has ceased to exist.