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Carrie Collection Silk Shirt by JW Anderson

carrie silk shirt by jw anderson photo by gailworley
Photos By Gail

I was Christmas shopping at a Nordstrom in midtown when I spied this fantastic silk men’s shirt with the likeness of actress Sissy Spacek as Stephen King’s ill-fated Prom Queen, Carrie (from  the eponymous 1976 film directed by Brian De Palma). A little Googling reveals this shirt to be from designer JW Anderson‘s Fall/Winter 2022 Carrie Collection — because of course it is!
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Andy Warhol Prom Outfits

Andy Warhol Prom Outfits
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Prom isn’t a rite of passage that I get sentimental about at all, in any way. I mean, Prom Shmom, who cares? In 20 years, one isolated night of awkward earnestness and drunken, hormone-fueled teenage boinking won’t mean anything anyway. What was I just talking about? Oh yes, Prom outfits. Don’t this young couple look really cute and much smarter/cooler than anyone else at their Prom could possibly look, all dressed up in a suit and dress that come together to form a likeness of my very favorite modern artist, Andy Warhol? Man, they look good. I hope they had fun at their stupid Prom.

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Rad Website of the Day: Don’t Judge My Hair

Prom Hair
Best. Prom. Hair. Ever.

Lasts night, after innocently clicking on a way old picture of 1980s UK dance band Kajagoogoo (I very much enjoyed their hit single, “Too Shy”) I accidentally discovered the website, Don’t Judge My Hair, and had to bookmark it immediately. This is a hilarious picture-based blog dedicated to poking the fun at (often clueless) people who have outrageously ridiculous hairdos. I can get on board with that. Enjoy!

Update: Sadly, this site is not longer online as of 10/24/11 – Bummer!