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Video Clip of The Week: Temple Invisible, “Everything From Above”

There are certainly equal measures of intense, captivating beauty in both the aural and visual aspects of this week’s featured video clip, “Everything From Above” from Temple Invisible, the trip-hop/Industrial musical project of Irina Bucescu, Costas Ivanov and Daniel Olteanu – three multi-instrumentalists from Bucharest, Romania. I’m a huge fan of trip hop, but I also watch a lot of Science Fiction films, and I can hear this song on the sound track, or perhaps played over a powerfully disquieting end-credits — of a film like Ex Machina or Europa Report — or any film where the Robots are smarter than the Humans, or a perceived paradise is not quite the Shangri-La it appears to be.

The computer-generated video, created by Dutch artist Julius Horsthuis, who specializes in creating fractal environments, is so richly detailed, you can watch it almost endlessly, as it continues to draw you further into the song’s rich fantasy landscape. The band describe the song and video concept below:

“Seeing everything from above doesn’t necessarily indicate towards a high standing point from which you can observe what happens bellow, though partially it does. Mainly, it is about going deep inside — entering the space which offers one the whole perspective and exploring the subconscious mind.”

“Everything From Above” can be found on Temple Invisible’s expanded edition of its EP, Enter, out now. Welcome to The Machine. Enjoy!

Temple Invisible

Video Clip of The Week: Tijuana Panthers, “Front Window Down”

Making an appearance here on The Gig’s Video Clip of the Week for an unprecedented THIRD TIME (Woo!), Long Beach rock trio Tijuana Panthers serendipitously capture both the elation of the beginning of summertime, and the sweet melancholy of summer’s end, in their latest video for the sublime tune, “Front Window Down. I love this band.

Visually, this is a fun, no frills clip of the band “performing” a small living room, with super-imposed images of bassist/lead singer Daniel Michicoff rocking out on the vocals, sometimes with a cigarette nonchalantly dangling from the corner of his mouth. A wash of jangly, surf rock guitars buttressed by a viscerally sludgy bassline, this exuberant burst of aural energy takes me back to the surf-garage rock revival of late ’70s / early ’80s California, and it’s all good. “Front Window Down”comes from the band’s upcoming fourth album, Poster, which, perhaps appropriately, will arrive on August 28th (via Innovative Leisure), right in time to reflect on this summer and summers past. Enjoy!

Tijuana Panthers Press Photo 2015

Video Clip of The Week: Telepathe, “Night’s Spell”

Maybe it’s just me (it usually is), but this week’s Video Clip from Brooklyn-based, multi-instrumentalist femme duo, Telepathe, reminds me both aurally and visually of the late Laura Branigan’s borderline disturbing video for “Self Control”. Because, the eighties!

But seriously, “Night’s Spell”— culled from the duo’s upcoming sophomore release, Destroyer (BZML Records) — embraces a pleasant synth-pop feel, propelled by a simmering tribal beat, accompanied by hypnotic vocals and a truly stimulating visual of a woman clad in a somewhat futuristic golden unitard thing, gliding about in front of pretty colored lights. What’s not to love? “Night’s Spell” has it all!

Telepathe is comprised to two very obviously talented ladies, Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais, who quit their day jobs and relocated to Los Angeles to record the album in a few short and intense months. “Melissa and I decided to leave NY for a couple of months during the winter to write and record this new album,” Busy explains. “We rented an apartment on Sunset Boulevard. At the time we were reading a lot Science Fiction and researching California cults, which became themes that seeped into our music.” After watching the video, perhaps you will concur.

Providing further juicy background, the band’s latest press release offers, “With nods to freestyle Miami beats and Madonna’s early work, Destroyer is a focused cacophony of layered beats, synths and vocals bemoaning the complications and misunderstandings of relationships.” I feel them on this. Destroyer hits the streets on August 7th, 2015. Like them on the FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

Telepathe Destroyer Cover Art

Modern Art Monday Presents: Claes Oldenburg, Giant BLT

Claes Oldenburg BLT
Photos By Gail

The triangular mass of Claes Oldenburg’s Giant BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich”) 1963, is actually constructed from many smaller sculptural components including wood slabs, stuffed cushions and fabric pieces, which must be restacked each time the work is shown, allowing ample room for creative variation.

In the above video, the Whitney Museum’s curator supervises and discusses the installation of Giant BLT, and how Oldenburg’s work invites the viewer to look at the world with “fresh eyes.”

Claes Oldenburg BLT
Photographed in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Former Home in the Breuer Building on Madison Avenue

Video Clip of The Week: Σtella, “Picking Words”

Hey what’s up. It’s Sunday again and time for another fantastic, personally selected by me, Video Clip of the Week. Today we bring you yet another great tune — accompanied by an engaging video — from our friends at Inner Ear Records in Athens, Greece, where the hits just keep on comin’.

This week’s clip comes from Athenian Electro-Pop sensation Σtella (pronounced “Stella”), who takes a slow-burn approach to blowing your mind with her latest single, “Picking Words” (from her self-titled album, which has been out for a few months). “Picking Words” puts an understated spin on the ages-old boy/girl entanglement drama that’s been done to death, and breaths life into the scenario in a way that recalls a Florence & The Machine-meets-Steve Nicks epic mash up. Pay close attention at about the 53 second mark to see Σtella do something borderline obscene with a clutch purse. Enjoy!

Stella Picking Words Still

Video Clip of The Week: Lucy Billings, “Carry The Water”

Nashville-based songwriter Lucy Billings and her producer John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter) wrote a song calling for “many more wells all over the world” to enable all people to have access to clean water.
The inspiration for the song came to Lucy after learning that over 780 million people worldwide lack access to safe drinking water. In some parts of the world because so much of their time is spent collecting water, women are not able to achieve higher levels of education, if any at all, nor are they able to learn skills to earn jobs. This means that they cannot contribute income to their families and villages. Consequently, those families and villages suffer economically and cannot grow.

Lack of clean water is not just one of the greatest public health threats around the world, it could be the key to unlocking economic hurdles to the advancement of developing and some not-so-developing third world countries. A fact that most first-worlders may not be privy to, at least not until now. Lucy asked acclaimed filmmakers Molly Secours and Jeff Wyatt Wilson to create her music video for “Carry the Water.”

“Carry the Water” is also the title track to her third self-released and self-financed 13-song collection. Lucy’s growing oeuvre of honest observations of the modern human experience somehow make even a protest song soothing. The clarity and confessional strength of her voice commands it and song structures support. Joining forces with global nonprofits Blood:Water and Amman Imman: two non-profit organizations that are devoted to creating sustainable means of increasing clean water access for people in developing countries just makes sense at this point for Lucy.

The artist is raising funds to support the work of these organizations through sales of “Carry the Water,” through her live performances and other appearances. Join the cause. “Carry The Water” is available on iTunes. Enjoy!

Carry The Water

Yes, It Exists: Dick in a Box Hard Candy

Dick in a Box
Photo By Gail

This Official Saturday Night Live hard candy will be a sweet surprise for the lady in your life.

1. Cut a hole in a box.
2. Put your junk in that box.
3. Make her open the box.

And that’s the way you do it!

8 Ounces for $9.99 at It’s Sugar!