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Video Clip of The Week: Adult Books, “Suburban Girlfriend”

Hello and welcome to the best part of your Sunday morning, Worleygig.com’s Video Clip of The Week! It feels so good to be back. What I think I like most about this week’s video, which is called “Suburban Girlfriend” from LA-Based post-punk trio Adult Books is that it takes me way back to the carefree days of my youth, living in the glorious suburbs of Orange County, California. Good times. It is so true that kids / teenagers have absolutely no idea how good they have it. Coincidentally, Adult Books also originally hail from The OC, and so, there’s that. Visually, I am not going to give you a frame-by frame breakdown of what goes on in “Suburban Girlfriend,” because you should have already clicked on the video by now. Seriously, WTF are you waiting for? It is so much fun, with its summery vibe and imagined romance between an adult man-child and a little girl who is maybe 5.

I also enjoy the aural throwback to early Redd Kross, which can only be seen as a huge, huge compliment. For a more modern reference, I’d say Tijuana Panthers — who have appeared in this spot a record-setting 3 or 4 times already — are a close approximation to Adult Books’ fun and energetic sound. “Suburban Girlfriend” can be found on the band’s upcoming, debut album, Running from the Blows, to be released on March 4th via Lolipop Records. Enjoy!

Adult Books Suburban Girlfriend Still
Adult Book (Photo Credit: Thomas Kanschat)

Video Clip of The Week: Killing Joke, “Euphoria”

Hey east coast, how about that snow storm yesterday? That was lots of fun, right? I spent the day posting photos of the blizzard on the FaceBook and gleaning my in-box for bitchen new music videos to share with you. Here’s what I found: it’s the appropriately entitled “Euphoria” — another new video from Killing Joke’s latest album, Pylon, which was released this past October. Both the song and the video are pretty fucking excellent.

Much of what was said about the group’s video for “I Am The Virus” — which made an appearance in this very space back in September 2015, also applies here. The goruso sound as menacing and melodic as they did way back  in 1978, or whenever it was that they released “Requiem” as a single, and I lost my teenage mind over its greatness. And Jaz Coleman is still completely fucking insane. You either love Killing Joke or you don’t. I can’t make you have good taste. Enjoy!

Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke
Jaz Coleman (Image Source)

Video Clip of The Week: Beliefs, “Leave With You”

If you were raised on the music of bands — as diverse as The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Queen or even The Sex Pistols — that embraced the concept of melody as being a core-value of their sound, you may have had a falling out with the increasing phenomena in modern music (and it has been going on for about 20 years now) where a band has virtually no fucking idea what melody even is. Emo bands are particularly heinous offenders. Seriously, I have to sift through maybe 2 dozen new video clips each week just to find one with a bit of melody in it. This week, the clip that stood out to me as transcendently melodic to the high standards I have set for this columns is called “Leave With You” by a Toronto-based duo (!) called Beliefs.

Aurally, the pummeling, Keith Moon-style drumming which propels this track into the realm of greatness may cause some to call foul on my melodic-quality-claims, but if you think that only slow music has melody, you need to get out of town right now, because you have no grasp of music, and I am embarrassed for you. I also enjoy how the bed of soft, somewhat indistinct vocals flow in and around the sharper edges of the rhythm tracks. The hard/soft dynamic: you are doing it right.

Visually, “Leave With You” encourages imaginative extrapolation by presenting the viewer with an attractive, artistic minimalism that strikes a compelling balance between performance art and commercial imaging. Also, a party appears to start around the 2:15 mark, and parties are fun. Watching “Leave With You” makes me want to go shopping at Uniqlo, a store where I always have a happy experience, even when I purchase nothing.

“Leave With You” can be found on Beliefs‘ sophomore album, Leaper, out now via the Hand Drawn Dracula label. Like them on the FaceBook at This Link! Enjoy!

Beliefs Band
Beliefs are Jesse Crowe and Josh Korody

Video Clip of The Week: Idle Bloom, “Mind Reader”

Just when you thought that the mere idea of filming a few scenes for your music video in a cemetery was just unbearably cliche, Nashville-based rawk quartet, Idle Bloom come along to show you that it can be done in a way that is still original and cool! What is even going on in this frenetically edited video? I have no idea, really. All I know is that it matches the energy and carefree sense of fun and adventure that comes through in this exciting little song that I just want to hear over and over.

Aurally, Idle Bloom embrace a simply transcendent blend of melody and discord distinctive to musical icons such as Husker Du and The Pixies — for those of you over 40 — but which folks with a more up-to-the-minute grasp of what The Kids are listening to say should appeal to fans of groups like Dilly Dally, a band that we also find to be pretty groovy!

Idle Bloom members include Olivia (vocals & guitars), Callan (vocals & guitar), Katie (bass), and Weston (drums). The band recently completed their debut EP, Some Paranoia, which is out now via hometown label Theory Eight Records, and available wherever fine music is procured. Like them on the FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

Idle Bloom Band
Idle Bloom: The Band!

Video Clip of the Week: Blue Jean Committee, “Catalina Breeze”

Hello, and welcome to another amazing year of super fine music videos courtesy of Worleygig.com! Over this past summer, I enjoyed watching the IFC miniseries, Documentary Now, where Bill Hader and Fred Armisen created insanely accurate and thoroughly hilarious parodies of classic documentaries, such as Grey Gardens and The Thin Blue Line. In one two-part episode entitled Gentle and Soft: The Story of the Blue Jean Committee, the guys told the story of a ’70s “Yacht Rock” band similar to The Eagles, Seals & Crofts and Steely Dan — soft rock acts that were just everywhere in the ’70s. “Catalina Breeze” was their breakthrough hit.

The question is, can it be considered satire if it is indistinguishable from the original? Because this is as spot-on as The Rutles. Enjoy!

Blue Jean Committee
Bill Hader and Fred Armisen with the Blue Jean Committee

Video Clip of The Week: The London Suede, “Outsiders”

When a publicist sends you a new Suede video, the decision to post it is an absolute no-brainer, because Suede is the shit. If you’ve ever seen them perform live, you know what I am talking about. In this understated video for the transcendent, minor-chord anthem, “Outsiders,” Suede live-animates the cover of their eponymous, 1993 debut album in an underwater, four-minute slow dance that remains entirely engaging for its duration, despite being nearly static, visually. Well played.

Aurally, “Outsiders” is Suede at their very finest. Brett Anderson sounds like he’s been frozen in time for 22 years, and Richard Oakes‘ guitar playing is just insane. So great.

Night Thoughts will be released on January 29th, 2016 via Rhino Records/Warner Brothers. Enjoy!

Suede Night Thoughts Cover

Video Clip of The Week: Dave Gahan & Soulsavers, “Shine”

The first thing I think of when I see Depeche Mode vocalist Dave Gahan in this video for “Shine” — the second single off Angels & Ghosts, his recent album with musical partner Soulsavers — is that I’m glad he is still alive. It is no secret that Dave spent many years Dancing with Mr. Brownstone, and came close to succumbing to a few of his adventures.

As a relatively understated ballad, “Shine” provides an excellent showcase for Gahan’s still impressive, bell-clear vocals that ring out over a somewhat foreboding, rhythmically propulsive dirge that would make Johnny Cash shiver in his grave, for all the right reasons. Gahan offers that he originally conceived the idea for “Shine” while performing live, remarking that it came from a show “Where I felt like I had all the power I wanted.  All the energy I needed.  It was one of those nights.”

Visually, the narrative switches between scenes of Gahan (sometimes accompanied by a lovely lady in white (model Rebekah Underhill), and sometimes not) moving slowly across a darkened room illuminated only by filament bulb pendent lamps, and outdoor vignettes featuring random folks busy with their everyday goings on — which were filmed in NYC, where Gahan has lived since 1997. Angels & Ghosts is the second collaboration between Dave Gahan and Soulsavers, and I think it’s a good fit. Thanks for staying alive, Dave!


Dave Gahan Shine Video Still