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Escape Music Festival Comes to Brooklyn NY!


Escape Music Festival, a highly anticipated live electronic and indie rock music festival, is proud to announce its first interactive concert experience October 11 – 12, 2014 at Pier 9 in Brooklyn, NY. The festival plans to showcase 30 performances and attract a crowd of more than 16,000 people over the course of two days. Featured artists include Placebo and Yeasayer, along with Ra Ra Riot, Bakermat, ASTR, Tesla Boy, Basecamp and Follow Me, as well as DJ sets by The Crystal Method, Neon Indian and STRFKR.

The Festival will also host North America’s first El Row performances from resident DJ’s Oscar Aguilera, Marc Maya and more. Coming off its extremely successful summer residency at Space in Ibiza, Spain, the experience-based performances will combine top-notch underground talent along with interactive art, roaming theatrical performers, and a fully immersive state-of-the-art production design.

The full lineup, along with more information about the interactive elements will be released over the next few weeks leading up to Escape Music Festival. A limited amount of Early Bird 2-Day weekend passes for Escape Music Festival will be accessible to those ages 19 and up and are available now at Escape Music Fest Dot Com for $80.00 while tickets last.

Escape Music Festival will be providing ferry service from Manhattan and shuttle service from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. For more general and transportation information and to purchase tickets, visit: Escape Music Fest Dot Com.

Escape Music Festival Poster

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Video Clip of The Week: The Black Angels, “The Flop”

Choosing “The Flop” from Austin’s The Black Angels for today’s Video Clip of the Week was a no brainer, to say the least. The awesome clip, which meshes a live performance of the song with hypnotizing graphics, reminds me of an obscure tune from an under-loved 60s band that’s been used to great effect as the soundtrack for the drug / orgy scene from a Mario Bava film. If you know what I’m talking about, great; if not, it doesn’t matter.

“The Flop” comes from The Black Angel’s latest 7-track offering, Clear Lake Forest (on Blue Horizon) which enjoyed a limited vinyl release on Record Store Day, but is now available in a variety of formats, including 12″ clear vinyl, CD and digitally. Visit the band’s webstore at This Link. Enjoy!

Black Angels CD Cover

Video Clip of The Week: Big Wreck, “Come What May”

I’ve got a story about the band Big Wreck – specifically involving lead vocalist/ guitarist Ian Thornley — and it goes all the way back to 1997. In those glory days, I was writing about Rock music exclusively and interviewing bands at a pretty steady clip. Big Wreck had signed to Atlantic Records and their debut, In Loving Memory Of… was creating a pretty respectable buzz (radio hits, etc), so I was assigned to Interview Ian for I don’t even remember which outlet. Since Big Wreck had a gig booked at NYC’s Irving Plaza, the interview was scheduled to take place at the venue during sound check the evening of the show. Pretty standard procedure.

Aside from the fact that Ian was a cool and candid guy who did a hilarious Eddie Vedder imitation (plus, I was a fan of the record), what makes this incident stand out in my memory from hundreds of other interviews is that it took place in the ladies restroom. This was pre-renovation Irving Plaza, so the place still had tons of character and the Ladies Room had a big, antique velvet sofa, so we had a nice, quiet and comfortable place to chat. Plus the acoustics were insane. Ah, Big Wreck. What a good Rock band.

Big Wreck has been through some changes in the 17 years since Ian and I hung out together in the bathroom. The group’s original lineup disbanded in 2002. Ian went on to have a very successful career in his native Toronto with his band Thornley, and in 2010 he and original Big Wreck guitarist Brian Doherty reformed the band, absorbing the members of Thornley into the new Big Wreck.

Big Wreck’s fourth album, Ghosts, was just released in the US on July 15th, 2024 (on Rounder Records) and the biggest compliment I can pay it is to say that Ghosts – represented here by this amazing performance of “Come What May” – proves that Big Wreck is still a force to be reckoned with, both in the studio and live. Obviously, Ian Thornley knows that he can let the music do all the talking. Enjoy!

Big Wreck Ghosts
Ian Thornley (Far Left) and Big Wreck

Video Clip of The Week: Bart Davenport, “Fuck Fame”

In a word: Smooth. Bart Devenport’s “Fuck Fame” harkens back fondly to the music of The Fixx, a band that was certainly one of the classier acts of the eighties new wave scene. And doesn’t Bart even look a little bit like The Fixx’s lead crooner Cy Curnin? I think so. I hear a little Paul Weller in there also. All good.

The story of “Fuck Fame” is a ridiculously tongue in cheek ode to the power of the almighty dollar with Bart, looking dapper in his Tuxedo, taking a trip to the supermarket with his “assistant,” where he laments that  he never asked for Fame, but “We can talk about money.” Because, yeah. we can all relate, Bart. Later, the video switches to Black & White for Bart’s adventure in a swanky cocktail lounge where he appears to be the only patron. And then: Surprise ending (which I won’t spoil)!

“Fuck Fame” is taken from Bart’s latest CD, Physical World, which is out now on Lovemonk / Burger Records. Like him on FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

Bart Davenport

Video Clip of The Week: Painted Zeros, “Jaime”

I’m just going to say this upfront: “Jaime” from Brooklyn-based trio Painted Zeroes makes my brain explode with delight. Holy shit, what a great song! Lead vocalist/guitarist Katie Lau is actually the brain trust here: writing all the songs under the name Painted Zeros and recording everything herself, then mixing it on her laptop. Girl Power! Drummer Jared Kaner (who also co-directed the video) and Bassist Nolan Eley round out the live band. Seriously, they kick so much rock ass.

Below, Katie breaks down “Jaime” in formal terms and explains the enigmatic video you will be seeing in this post:

“In many ways, “Jaime” follows traditional song structure and content tropes of ‘rock’ songs about love (or lust,) but it is also a tongue-in-cheek parody. On the EP, there is a sound byte right before “Jaime” that makes this more obvious. The main guitar riff alternates between establishing a major and minor tonic (E-G-G-B-e-A-C-D) reflecting the “ups and downs of L U V” and the lyrics make fun of the ridiculous lyrical clichés that tend to fill pop and rock songs. “Jaime” is definitely not about a real person. “Jaime” tries to occupy the archetype of every desperately sung name in the history of pop songwriting.

She continues, “The video came from an idea I had of a free word association game based off the word “Desire.” We got our friends to come to our practice space where I recorded the Svalbard EP, gave them a fifth of Jack, and had them sit in a circle and write whatever words came to mind following the previous one and then burn them. My drummer Jared and our good friends, Hanan and Lysette shot, edited and directed the whole thing, and we used our friend Danny’s old photo studio to shoot the band scenes.”

I love that story.

As an aside, this song reminds me in the best possible way of U2’s brilliant “Bullet the Blue Sky.” It took me a few listens to hear the similarity, but maybe you’ll pick it out as well.

Painted Zeroes’ Svalbard EP will be available July 15th via Black Bell Records. If all the songs on it are as good as “Jaime,” you should definitely buy it. Enjoy!

Painted Zeros Band

Video Clip of The Week: Ski Lodge, “Does It Bring You Down”

Confession: To me, a band with the name Ski Lodge sounds more like it would be one of those shitty, incessantly whining emo-core bands than a legitimately interesting band whose music indicates a worshiping at the alter of revered ’80s Brit Pop groups like James and The Smiths. Just being serious. Even though the protagonist of this video clip for “Does It Bring You Down” seems to not necessarily be living the most fun life imaginable, watching the video makes me want to ride down PCH in a convertible and then eat a big sandwich. In fact, I am hungry right now.

Another observation: What a remarkably talented rhythm section this band has! Wowy McWow! Also, they are from New York – they are not even British! With Ski Lodge, the surprises just don’t stop coming!

“Does It Bring You Down” can be found on the band’s debut album, Big Heart, which is available now where all fine music is procured. Follow them on the FaceBook at This Link. Enjoy!

Ski Lodge Big Heart Cover Art

Video Clip of the Week: Plaid, “Wallet”

It’s hard to believe that the electronica duo, Plaid have been around almost as long as I’ve been writing about music. And yet, it’s true.

Plaid released its latest album, Reachy Prints (Warp Records) in mid-May along with this hypnotic video for the track “Wallet,” which was directed by Sabrina Ratté. Ratté offers that, “the video is inspired by the idea of creating a world based on memories, where things seem real but they are in fact a construction of the mind. All the images are made from electronic signals, from which were created a reproduction of a sun, different landscapes and cities. The musical composition induced the vision of bright colors and daylight atmosphere, so the simulated sunlight became a central element of the video, thus creating dazed images where everything is diffused and hard to grasp.”

Plaid Adds:
“We wondered if consciousness is a memory and what role memories have in the imaginative process . We saw prints as physical memories and an equivalence between printing and memory function. They often share the aim of ‘reproducing’ a subject as accurately as possible. Experience told us that a perfect reproduction is difficult, if not impossible. An attraction to explore this fallibility and a curiosity about the potential inaccuracies and artifacts gave us the album title, Reachy Prints. The track ‘Wallet’ is inspired by the items found in wallets, the money, receipts, business cards, photos etc and the symbolism of wallets as a safe place to store items we value and want to remember. Most items in a wallet have already been digitized and perhaps physical wallets/purses will become obsolete.”

Personally, I dig its minimalist “Light Sculpture” visuals and the Sunday Morning lull of the track’s gentle, pulsating beats. Plaid are on tour in the US for handful of dates in July, which you can find listed below. Enjoy!

July 3 @ Lincoln Hall – Chicago, IL
July 4 @ TBA
July 6 @ The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
July 10 @ The Parish – Austin, TX
July 11 @ 1015 Folsom – San Francisco, CA
July 12 @ Fortune Sound Club – Vancouver, BC
July 18 @ Le Poisson Rouge – New York, NY

Plaid Reach Prints Cover Art

Video Clip of The Week: Tijuana Panthers, “Cherry Street”

New Order’s “Age of Consent” meets The Undertones in this undeniably bitchen track from Southern California-based Rock trio, Tijuana Panthers. The video seems to focus on a triple homicide investigation, 1950s-era Men’s Office Fashion and the simple joys of Donuts and Coffee, all delivered via an irresistible Rave Up. I can dig it.

“Cherry Street” is the band’s first single from their latest album, Wayne Interest, which was released on June 3rd on the Innovative Leisure imprint. Visit their FaceBook page at This Link. Enjoy!

Tijuana Panthers Band

Video Clip of The Week: The Trews “What’s Fair Is Fair”

Way too many supposedly “Hard Rock” bands these days make music that’s easily revealed to be merely boilerplate Emo from hyper-stylized pretty boys who wish they had the nads to be Stone Temple Pilots circa 1993. But I was alive while Led Zeppelin were still recording new albums. I am not fooled. If you can’t rock me, please don’t try to get in the game.

It doesn’t surprise to learn that the authentically hard rocking quartet called The Trews are from Canada, where music hasn’t yet completely sold out to the Auto-Tune Gods, and that they’ve been doing this Rock Thing for over ten years. Because you can fucking tell. “What’s Fair Is Fair” is a song that gets better and more compelling upon each listen. Musically, try to imagine the dark, broody longing of Pearl Jam’s “Black” delivered with the energy, urgency and precision of STP’s “Interstate Love Song.” Yeah, pretty great. But they keep you engaged visually as well, with literal shooting sparks that race through the support pillars of a darkened, empty warehouse while vocalist Colin MacDonald tells the familiar tale of a relationship destroyed by what was said that should not have been, and what was left unsaid. Simple. Brilliant. Rock.

“What’s Fair Is Fair” is the latest single off the band’s self-titled album, which was released in April, and is available wherever fine music is procured.  Enjoy!

See The Trews on tour now!

June 9 – Watertown, NY – The Ballroom @ Savory Downtown
June 10 – Cambridge, MA – Middle East Upstairs
June 11 – New York, NY – The Bowery Electric
June 13 – Philadelphia, PA – Hard Rock Café
June 15 – Washington, DC – DC9
June 16 – Columbus, OH – Rumba Café
June 18 – Cincinnati, OH – MOTR
June 19 – Louisville, KY – The New Vintage
June 24 – Chicago, IL – Double Door
June 25 – Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest – Uline Warehouse Stage – 8pm
June 27 –Detroit, MI – The Shelter
June 28 – Toledo, OH – Frankies Inner-City
Trews Cover Art

Video Clip of The Week: ASx, “Obstacle Of My Affection”

OK, this week we offer some easy listening (plus a little eye candy for the guys out there) from Australia-born / London-based based solo artist, ASx. The song’s title, “Obstacle Of My Affection,” grabbed me right away, because the cynic in me loves a good, snarky bit of word play on the traditionally romantic. But what reeled me in is the little keyboard riff that reminds me of the main hook from Paul McCartney’s “Wonderful Christmas Time.” So, there’s that.

Musically, I would describe ASx as Electronic Ambient Pop with dreamy undertones. Visually, I appreciate that she is not trying to do too much beyond setting a mood and holding your interest, which allows you to focus on the song’s gentle yet insistent flow and her lovely vocals. Apparently, in addition to playing all the instruments on this track, she also plays drum in the quartet Kid Wave. Impressive.

Recommended if you like artists such as Portishead and Emilíana Torrini, “Obstacle Of My Affection” is from the CD of the same name, available now on Battle Worldwide Recordings, wherever fine music procured. Enjoy!

ASX Obstacle