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How People Are Using Digital Entertainment in Their Downtime

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We are definitely living in a digital world, and it probably won’t surprise you to learn that millions of people enjoy spending their precious downtime on the Internet. The multiple lockdowns changed the lifestyle of everyone, and Internet usage saw a surge, as people used social media platforms to keep in touch with family and friends. The online community has grown to billions and that doesn’t look like it will change in the future. Continue reading How People Are Using Digital Entertainment in Their Downtime

The Role of the Casino in Culture and Art

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Casinos have been growing in popularity over the years, and the fact is that gambling has millions of fans and supporters in almost all countries all over the world. It makes sense then this niche has a significant influence on other areas of life, including art and culture. But how exactly does this influence on cultural life manifest, and is its global role? In this article, you’ll find out a few facts on the role of online and offline gambling in art and culture. Continue reading The Role of the Casino in Culture and Art

Modern Art Monday Presents: Edward Hopper, New York Movie

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The only painting in which Edward Hopper depicts a cinema screen, New York Movie (1939) is one of the artist’s most compelling and spatially complex theater pictures. This work depicts three distinct features within the movie house: the screen, the moviegoers watching it, and the usher tasked with watching them. The space itself is an amalgam of hoppers on-site research from four New York theaters: the Globe, Palace, Republic, and Strand. Hopper’s wife, Jo, who posed for both the usher and the audience members, noted Edward’s struggle in bringing this painting together: “it is such a difficult subject…Not to be there as he looks – not even taken from any one theater – bits from all of them.” Examples from the 53 extant sketches show both the design flourishes characteristic to each theater, as well as certain architectural typologies common to all.

Photographed as part of the Exhibit Hopper’s New York on View at  the Whitney Museum, New York City, Through March 5th, 2023.

Creating a Strong Essay Thesis Statement

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Do you know what the most important sentence of an essay is? It’s the one that contains a thesis statement. A thesis is the foundation on which your essay stands. It makes your paper organized and entices the readers to go through the rest of your piece. A weak thesis statement spoils your entire paper. Hence, your thesis statement must be perfect like the ones at

Continue reading Creating a Strong Essay Thesis Statement

Modern Art Monday Presents: Agnes Pelton, Resurgence

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Agnes Pelton (18811961) strove to portray a spiritual realm beyond material appearances. Her artistic breakthrough came in the mid-1920s in a series of abstract paintings, depicting incorporeal subject matter such as air, light, water, and sound. In the decades that followed, as she began to immerse herself in the study of esoteric and occult philosophies, her imagery evolved. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Agnes Pelton, Resurgence