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Happy Birthday, Nick Rhodes!


Nick Rhodes (Born Nicholas James Bates), keyboard player for Duran Duran, was born on  this day, June 8th in 1962! I confess that I had posters of Nick’s gorgeous face on my bedroom wall way into my college years. One of the biggest thrills of my career so far was the really fun interview I did with Nick way back in 2000, which you can read at This Link.

Happy Birthday Ian Astbury and CC DeVille!

(Left) Ian Doing His Best “Jim Morrison,” and (Right) CC Making a “Guitar Face.”

Today, May 14th, is the shared birthday of both Ian Astbury – former sex god and singer for The Cult – and Poison guitarist CC Deville. Both gentlemen claim to have been born in 1962, which would make them the exact same age today! Your mileage may vary. I interviewed Ian back in 2000 and that was a good time. Not only did he confess to being completely and totally obsessed with Cuban guerrilla leader Che Guevara, but I do recall that it was also nearly impossible get him off the phone. I’ve never interviewed CC, but I have met him in person and I can say that up close he is quiet scary looking. For a taste of CC at his best, musically, feel free to ditch Poison’s entire catalog and try to find a copy of the long-out-of-print first CD by CC’s side project, Samantha Seven, which is excellent. Happy Birthday, Boys!

Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan!

Bob Dylan 1962
Greatest Living American Songwriter: Born May 24th, 1941

It is probably impossible for me to name just one favorite Bob Dylan song because, as the greatest living American songwriter, he has written practically every amazing song on the planet (with the exception of those written by any member of the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin). Think about it: “All Along the Watchtower,” “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” “Mr. Tambourine Man,” “My Back Pages,” “Tangled up in Blue,” these are all fantastic songs. Nobody can turn a phrase like Dylan. Bob celebrates his Birthday today (having been born on May 24th in 1941) and I’m sure he still has a million great songs inside him waiting to be written.

Dylanesque Cover
The Singer Becomes The Song

If you’re at all a fan of Bob and/or ex-Roxy Music front man Bryan Ferry, you will want to checkout Bryan’s new CD Dylanesque, which is a collection of Bob Dylan covers. Dylanesque is just absurdly awesome and my favorite album of 2007 so far.