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Floor Tom Refrigerator

Floor Tom Fridge

I found this photo of a mini-fridge made from a modified Floor Tom Shell posted on the FaceBook page of a friend. I knew immediately that I needed to steal it for this blog, so that it could join the legions of posts about drumkit cakes and drumkits made from discarded barrels and snare drum lamps. I did a lot of Googling on this item and I couldn’t find an original image source or a vendor/price, so it you happen to have any further information on whether this item is real or Photoshopped (in which case, nice job!) please leave it in the comments!

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Be a Genius of Love on Valentine’s Day By Knowing Your Champagne!

Two Flutes Champagne Toast

I’ve been drinking champagne since I was of legal age, but I never really appreciated what lovers of the tiny bubbles rave about until a friend bought me bottle of really nice champagne as gift this past Christmas. Let me tell you: there is a world of difference among varieties of champagne if you’re willing to throw it down for the good stuff.

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“One Order of Bacon, Eggs, Toast and a Straw, Please”

“Mmmmm, Bacon!”

I didn’t know whether to jump up and down with excitement or get really queasy when I read about an ambitious new beverage called MeatWater, a kind of “meal-in-a-bottle” which apparently comes in delicious flavors like Beef Stroganoff, Fish & Chips and Hungarian Goulash, as well as assorted breakfast flavors. The colorful website also includes a contest you can enter  to name the next new flavor and win a year’s supply of MeatWater! Yummy!