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Bacon Thing of The Day: Crochet Bacon Wrap

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The weather is getting little bit balmy here in NYC (finally) to need a scarf or wrap these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking ahead to the cold winter months and crochet yourself a Bacon Wrap to keep you warm and fashionable. Tips on how to make this item, along with all kinds of wild ideas on creating other fun stuff with just some yarn and a couple of crochet hooks can be found at Monster Crochet Blogspot.

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Netflix Origami: A Fun New Way to Recycle!

Have you perhaps been looking for a way to combine the art of Japanese paper folding with the footprint reducing practicality of recycling and the endless, low cost fun of your Netflix subscription? Then your search has ended! Look no further than a website called simply NetFlix Origami, where you can learn to make the cute little items below, among others.

Potato Skull!

Potato Skull

I like that someone carved a skull out of a potato.