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Eye On Design: Breakfast Suit By Christian Francis Roth

Breakfast Suit By Christian Francis Roth Photo By Gail Worley
All Photos By Gail

Following the lineage of witty designs by creators that include Elsa Schiaparelli and Franco Moschino, this playful Breakfast Suit (Spring / Summer 1990) by Christian Francis Roth employs the Surrealist strategy of displacing everyday objects from their normal environment.

Breakfast Suit By Christian Francis Roth Photo By Gail Worley

Here, a pair of fried eggs are fastidiously pieced down the center front of an otherwise staid, black linen ensemble. Aptly entitled the Breakfast suit, the garment is beautifully constructed, stitched with a level of workmanship and seriousness that belies the joke (yolk)

Breakfast Suit By Christian Francis Roth Photo By Gail Worley
Exhibit Installation View

Roth became known for his engagement with art history and popular culture. His interest in humor and storytelling, combined with an avid devotion to detail, are hallmarks of his work. As the designer himself remarked: “Humor is very important. The quality has to be there, too, otherwise the humor falls dead and the designs just look silly,”

Photographed as part of the exhibit In Pursuit of Fashion: The Sandy Schreier Collection, on view through May 17th, 2020 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

Keith Haring Easter Egg

Keith Haring Easter Egg
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Yeah, I know that I’m a little but late to the game with this post, being as Easter was yesterday, but I didn’t see it until today so, there you go. Plus I figured it would be a fun way to remind everyone to head on over to the Brooklyn Museum to see their wonderful Keith Haring exhibit, which is super fun.

Bacon Thing of The Day: Bacon Sunrise!

Bacon Sunrise
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Ah, the sunny side up egg yolk rising triumphantly over the rolling hills of delicious, hand-trimmed and hardwood smoked bacon! Mmmm…Good Morning!