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Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo of Joy Divison Unknown Pleasures Album Cover Graphic

I realize that in 20 years this tattoo will look like a big black blob, but right now it looks pretty cool, amiright?

Bad Idea Tattoo of The Day: Hanson

Image Source

This tattoo of the brothers Hanson is so ugly, I can’t even tell which one “the ugly one” is.

Bad Idea Tattoo of the Day: My Little Pony Scalp Tattoo

I’m certainly all about letting your freak flag fly but, seriously, WTF was this woman thinking when she had My Little Pony tattooed on her head? On her fucking head? The only good thing about this tattoo is that she can easily cover it up by growing out her hair. Hopefully, she has done that by now.

Henry Rollins Paper Toy!

KNGL has released a brand-new papertoy immortalizing the multi-talented, multi-tattooed Henry Rollins! If you’re fan of Black Flag, Hank’s solo work, spoken word, books, acting, etc. you can download the template for free by visiting This Link ! Hank Rollins!

Thanks to Plastic and Plush For The Tip.

Disney-Inspired Alice In Wonderland Tattoo

Image Source

I can’t think of a more effective walking advertisement for the considerable talents of tattoo artist Holly Azzara than this amazingly detailed Alice in Wonderland tatt, which tells the complete story – including every character – on the back and full sleeves of this unidentified lady. I have no idea how many hours this piece took to complete but I’m sure the customer thinks it was worth it. This is truly a piece of living art.

Thanks to Neatorama for the Tip!