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Osteria Accademia Launches Weekend Brunch

osteria accademia exterior photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail (Except Where Noted)

Do you love a delicious, leisurely weekend brunch? I sure do. While my tastes lean towards a sweet brunch (pancakes, waffles, French toast — bring it on) others often prefer a juicy burger or hearty salad entree, so it’s important to find a place whose menu covers all the bases, which can be easier said that done. You might recall our glowing review of Osteria Accademia after dining there this past winter, so we were thrilled to be invited back to sample their new brunch menu, which truly offers a tempting dish for every appetite.
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Restaurant Review: Osteria Accademia, Cozy Elegance on the Upper West Side!

osteria accademia interior shot 2 photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

It’s always fun and special dining at a restaurant with beautiful interior decor.  But you may agree that what’s even better is being invited to dine at the home of friends who live, say, in a posh but comfortable Brownstone. Such a night out exposes you to a new and enchanting environment while also making you feel relaxed and welcome. You might be surprised to hear that I’ve discovered an Italian restaurant that emulates the intimate feel of dining in the home of well-to-do friends, while offering a variety of excellent regional dishes unequaled in a venue of its size. Let me introduce you to your new favorite spot for enjoying delicious Italian cuisine, Osteria Accademia.

osteria accademia wreath photo by gail worley
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Instagram Photo of The Week: Jack Skellington on a Brownstone

It’s always fun when Halloween falls on a Monday. This means that on both the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend just prior, Halloween enthusiasts are out everywhere in the city;  swarming the sidewalks and lurking in the subways, traveling to bars, parties, parades and other holiday-specific events. In a city famous for people-watching, it makes for people-watching at its finest. You know who else really gets into  the spirit of Halloween? Rich people who own brownstones. This multi-story screen print of Jack Skellington was spotted on the façade of a brownstone on East 91st Street near the park. The car parked curbside, sadly, obscures the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters, of  which the Oogie Boogie was particularly impressive. Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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Restaurant Review: Sapphire Cuisines of India Sparkles On the Upper West Side

sapphire restaurant Interior detail photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Fans of Indian cuisine here in Manhattan are often fiercely loyal to restaurants located in neighborhoods like 6th Street in the East Village or the stretch of lower Lexington Avenue known as Curry Hill. But I like to explore neighborhoods that are maybe not known for having the highest number of Indian restaurants per-block, and see what options there are for dining outside my immediate stomping grounds. This past week, I discovered a true hidden gem (pun intended) on my first visit to Sapphire Cuisines of India on the Upper West Side, and feel like it is already a favorite destination owing to gracious service, lovely décor, and fresh, innovative dishes. Let me tell you about the experience I had dining with my favorite Foodie friend, Anne, at Sapphire.

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NYLO Hotel Announces Weekend Flower Market at The LOCL Bar!

Nylo Bar Entrance
NYLO NYC Hotel Blooms with its Inaugural Flower Market Event! (All Photos By Gail)

What could be more intoxicating to the senses than sipping exotic cocktails in a bar filled with fragrant, exotic flowers? Discover this multi-sensory experience for yourself each Saturday and Sunday through November, 2017 at NYLO New York City’s hotel lobby (including the  bar, library, and piano lounge) which will be in full bloom as the space is transformed into a weekend flower market. Each weekend, a kaleidoscope of blooms supplied by Brooklyn’s very own CALA Floral Studio will take over the entire first floor of the hotel bringing in fragrant scents, and beautiful colors.

Cala Signage

CALA Floral Studio will be presenting a myriad of arrangements from bouquets to buds, all available to take home or gift. In addition, classes teaching the making of floral headpieces will be offered and a floral cocktail menu will blossom. The hotel’s LOCL bar will be serving specialty floral cocktails every day of the week dreamed up by head bartender and beverage director, Earlecia Gibb.

Ultra Violet

Amongst a floral centered bar on weekdays and an overflowing flower market on the weekends, patrons can sip an Ultra Violet, a Singani cocktail with a violet ice sphere and orchids,

Rose & Ash

Also on the menu is the Rose & Ash, featuring Lapsang Souchong infused Absolut Elyx, rose cordial and activated charcoal.

Secret Garden

For those who want to experience what spring tastes like, the Secret Garden is made of Bombay East gin, cucumber syrup, lavender bitters, Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and floral buds frozen in ice-cubes. It tastes as beautiful as it looks!


The Flower Market is the second art launch from Arthouse @ NYLO, a multi-pronged initiative to breathe new life and artful character into the hotel. Following the success of Arthouse @ NYLO’s ongoing Silent Cinema series, the flower market is specially curated experience to celebrate and reflect the neighborhood and hotel’s artistic voice. As the city shakes the last ice chip off its shoulder delving into the warmer months, the flower market is one of several concepts that will bring art and creativity to visitors and locals alike.


Crowd Scene

In the heart of the refined Upper West Side of Manhattan, NYLO New York City is just steps away from Central Park, Lincoln Center and the historic Beacon Theatre, among countless other landmarks. Your private sanctuary in New York City, each room is packed with creature comforts like a spa rain shower, plush bedding, and tons of natural light. Serene, spacious, an escape from the city hustle in a central location.

NYLO New York City is Located as 2178 Broadway (enter on 77th St.) New York, NY 10024. 212-362-1100. For reservations, reservations@nylo-nyc.com. Follow NYLO at @nylonyc.

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