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Eye On Design: Ten Fun and Functional Halloween-Inspired Home Goods

assorted decorative skulls photo by gail worley
You Can Never Have Too Many Skulls (All Photos By Gail)

Halloween is a time of year when we get to embrace our spooky side, and what better way to do that than by decorating your home with Halloween-inspired stuff that does double duty around the house? TJ Maxx is a treasure trove of unique and affordable home goods, and this Halloween season is no exception. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party, want to spruce up your home for the season, or just enjoy the goth aesthetic year-round,   they have everything you could possible want or need in the way of spooky decor. Here are ten must-have items to elevate your Halloween décor game.
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Instagram Photo of The Week: Jack Skellington on a Brownstone

It’s always fun when Halloween falls on a Monday. This means that on both the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend just prior, Halloween enthusiasts are out everywhere in the city;  swarming the sidewalks and lurking in the subways, traveling to bars, parties, parades and other holiday-specific events. In a city famous for people-watching, it makes for people-watching at its finest. You know who else really gets into  the spirit of Halloween? Rich people who own brownstones. This multi-story screen print of Jack Skellington was spotted on the façade of a brownstone on East 91st Street near the park. The car parked curbside, sadly, obscures the other Nightmare Before Christmas characters, of  which the Oogie Boogie was particularly impressive. Happy Halloween, Everyone!

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The Nightmare Before Christmas Sneakers

Nightmare Before Christmas Sneakers
Image Source

I found these fun Nightmare Before Christmas-themed sneakers on Pinterest, but a few layers of link clicks revealed that they were part of a Buzzfeed list featuring 50 different pairs of custom painted sneakers. Click on “Image Source” hyperlink above to see the full list!

Have Your Mind Blown at MOMA’s Tim Burton Art Retrospective!


Geoffrey and I learned our lesson a few week’s ago about “just showing up” at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art and trying to get in to see the Tim Burton Retrospective on the strength of our Corporate Memberships. That lesson was: it doesn’t happen. I cannot put too fine a point on letting you know that advance tickets are an absolute necessity. Otherwise you’ll never be granted access to what is surely the most overwhelmingly amazing and impressive art exhibit I’ve seen in my life. And I have seen a shitload of art. Continue reading Have Your Mind Blown at MOMA’s Tim Burton Art Retrospective!