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Hew Locke, Koh-i-Noor, Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II

Koh-i-Noor,Hew Locke
Photo By Gail

For his mixed media assemblage, Koh-i-Noor (2005) Hew Locke (Scottish, born 1959) arranged thousands of cheap plastic toys and trinkets — disposable products of the new global economy — into one edition of a series of portraits of Queen Elizabeth II (entitled the House of Windsor Series), one of which was among the most extraordinary works in the Museum’s exhibition, Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art (2007). Locke, born in Scotland but raised in Guyana, created these works in response to ethnic tensions within contemporary British society, often growing out of Great Britain’s colonial history, with that history now brought home to Britain.

Koh i Noor Detail
Koh-i-Noor Detail

The title of this Silver work from the portrait series refers to the Koh-i-Noor  (“Mountain of Light”) diamond, once the largest in the world. Mined several thousand years ago, this uncut Indian treasure passed through the hands of many regional rulers and was likely cut during the seventeenth century, before ultimately being seized by Britain in 1849 in the name of Queen Victoria. The series also includes a Golden sculpture entitled El Dorado, and a Black edition entitled Black Queen.

Koh i Noor Detail

Nick Cave Rescue at Jack Shainman

All Photos By Gail

Do you enjoy the work of artist Nick Cave? I sure do. I especially like his very fun Sound Suits, but I also enjoy that he can change it up while maintaining his very distinctive design aesthetic. Nick Cave!

Detail With Owl
Detail from Above Work

On view now at Jack Shainmans’s West 24th Street space is Cave’s body of work entitled Rescue. The series includes sculptures that incorporate found ceramic dogs sitting on furniture within elaborate grottos or dreamlike dens.

Dogs have historically been associated with loyalty, class, breed, commitment, and protection. More recently, the term “dawg” has played a role in hip-hop culture as a moniker for brotherhood, respect, and power.

In the Rescues, Cave focuses each piece on a single canine that has quite literally been rescued from destruction, very much like an adopted pet. These dogs become the benevolent guardians of their self-contained worlds, focusing the spotlight on the forgotten and discarded.


A Doberman lounges on a gold sofa while a small dog fiercely guards a wishbone on a shoeshine table.

Wall Collages

Wall Collage Detail with Daisy
Wall Bas Relief Detail

The armatures that envelop these animals correspond with large-scale wall based bas reliefs dripping with crystals, beads, small ceramic birds and metal flowers.

Wooden Pedestal Shrine

The vast amount of detail in these works is astounding. You could spend hours in discovery, examining each piece. Very cool!

Wooden Pedestal Shrine Detail
Detail From Above Work

Rescue by Nick Cave will be on Exhibit through October 11th, 2014 at the Jack Shainman Gallery, Located at 524 West 24th Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Wall Collage

A Redefined Existence Featuring the Art of Sally Curcio at J. Cacciola Gallery

Sally Curcio Happy Place
Happy Place (All Photos By Gail)

Sally Curcio’s Bubbles series artworks – 12 x 12-inch, domed fantasy world dioramas created with colorful beads and other repurposed objects – are a new passionate favorite thing of mine that I discovered accidentally through a referral from another artist, with whom Curcio and I share mutual acquaintanceship. Thank god for happy accidents.

Sally Curcio Happy Place
Happy Place, Alternate View

Sally Curcio Bubble Sculpture
Can you tell this is my favorite one?

Right, now you can see a selection of Curcio’s Bubbles on exhibit at J. Cacciola Gallery, as part of A Redefined Existence, a thematically-connected group show which also includes sewn works by artist China Marks and surreal paintings by Rick Newton.

Sally Curcio Lost

Sometimes Curcio’s worlds represent real cities or places, such as Miami Beach or Central Park, but more often they are imaginary worlds elucidating an idea or embracing a concept, which delight the eyes and inspire the mind.

Sally Curcio Homage to Jackie O (Central Park)
Homage to Jackie O (Central Park)

It was a pleasure to meet and have the chance to chat with Curcio at last week’s opening reception. She is not only astoundingly talented but also a very cool lady who proved to have a good sense of humor when I jokingly asked her if the Bubbles were inspired by Stephen King’s Under The Dome (adapted into a hopelessly shitty TV series that I am now hooked on) and offered that they also remind me of the Popomatic die roller, which she admits to being too young to remember (good for her)!

Sally Curcio Bubble Sculpture

Sally Curcio Bubble Sculpture Atlantis
Atlantis Alternate View

See more of the fabulous art of Sally Curcio at Sally Curcio Dot Com.

A Redefined Existence featuring the art of Sally Curcio (with China Marks and Rick Newton) will be on Exhibit Through July 26th, 2014 at J. Cacciola Gallery, Located at 537 West 23rd Street, in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Sally Curcio Opulence

Skull Fashion Bracelets!

Skull Bracelets Display

Skull jewelry is so on trend right now (and, well, always), so this Skull Bead Bracelet is a fashion accessory that you really don’t want to be to without.

Skull Bracelet Features:

  • Elastic Bracelet with Skull Bead Design
  • Colors: Black, green, orange, purple and yellow – Collect them all!
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 2-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ x 1/2″

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Skull Bracelets