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Eye On Design: Campana Brothers Bolotas Sheep’s Wool Sofa

campana bolotas sofa photo by gail worley
Photos By Gail

Would you like to relax and stretch out on a long, fluffy sofa the color of a giant egglant? Who wouldn’t? The Campana brothers are famed Brazilian furniture designers. Most celebrated for their design of the Vermelha chair — an iconic piece handmade from a huge length of rope, wrapped and woven to create the chair’s nest-like structure. As you can see by their Bolotas Sofa, in a vibrant shade of Aubergine, Umberto and Fernando Campana continue to create brightly colored, whimsical statement pieces for the home.

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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink Fuzzy Fur Boots

Pink Fuzzy Boots
Image Source

OK, just disregard the obvious fact that you could never, ever, wear these things outside on the street or in the yard — or anywhere that there might be moisture or dirt of any kind! The truth is, they totally rule! Want!

Pink Thing of The Day: Fuzzy Slipper Cookies

Yes, These Are Cookies

Will such cleverness never cease? Somebody figured out how to make cookies that look like pink fuzzy bedroom slippers! It’s crazy! Hungry Happenings has the step-by-step recipe, with lots of helpful photos, at This Link! Wouldn’t it be cool to make these for a Baby Shower or Slumber Party? I think so.