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Celebrating 4/20!

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However you choose to celebrate, please enjoy your day!

Pot Holder

Pot Holder in Use

Somewhere in the world, it is 4:20, and someone is cooking delicious food that is too hot to handle with bare hands! Quick, won’t you buy that person this decorative and functional Pot Holder, so they don’t burn their fingers?

Pot Holder Features:

  • Silicone pot holder, shaped like, oh you know
  • Safe for temps up to 500 ºF / 260 ºC
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Size: 10″ x 9″ (25 cm x 23 cm)

Available to own right now for just $7.95 at This Link!

Rad Thing of The Day: Miss Mary Jane Collectible Figure

Pot Head

When I first laid my baby blues on Miss Mary Jane, a limited edition, resin figure designed by artist Paige “Paigey” Pumphrey and manufactured by Patch Together, I thought I was looking at a little alien pixy with a massive broccoli floweret for hair. But closer investigation revealed what should have been obvious from the start: Mary Jane’s hair is huge bud of pot, duh. Furthermore, her adorable hooded jumpsuit is actually a Ziplock baggie, how appropriate! Miss Mary Jane is 8-inches tall when fully assembled (some gluing is involved) and sells for $59.95. While they currently appear to be sold out, you can request a re-stock at This Link.

It’s Four Twenty Somewhere

April 20th, or Four Twenty has become something of a unofficial annual holiday for pro-marijuana enthusiasts. What is left to say but “smoke ‘em if you’ve got ‘em.”

Best Name Ever: Marijuana Pepsi Jackson!

You May Call Her Miss Jackson If You’re Nasty

I’m always interested in reading articles about people who curse their children with unusual or unfortunate names; like those Nazi cretins who named their kids Adolf Hitler and Aryan Nation as if those were just the most normal names in the universe. I mean, come on people, rub a couple of brain cells together before you condemn a child to endless torture and ostracism for the sake of the few laughs you had naming your baby while you were high on acid. I knew a hippy couple a few years ago who named their kid Thelonius Hiawatha because they were such huge jazz fans. I guess they didn’t consider how many schoolyard beatings little Thelonius would have to face growing up with that name, or maybe they just wanted him to develop a good right hook. Just yesterday I read a fun story on Neatorama about a woman who grew up with name Marijuana Pepsi and lived to tell the tale. Personally, I think that’s the coolest name ever. Who wouldn’t want to be named “Pepsi” – what a fun and happy name! You can read all about Marijuana Pepsi Jackson (now Sawyer) at this link.

Thanks to Neatorama for the tip!