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Modern Art Monday Presents: Jeff Koons, Pink Panther

jeff koons pink panther photo by gail worley
All Photos By Gail

Pink Panther (1988) depicts a 1950s pin–up, modeled on the American B–movie actress Jayne Mansfield, with one hand covering a breast bared by a garment that has slipped down—a predicament for which Mansfield was notorious. The stuffed Pink Panther she clutches with her other hand is cheekily extending his tail toward the waistband of her skirt. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Jeff Koons, Pink Panther

Modern Art Monday Presents: Custom Print 1 By Peter Phillips

Custom Print 1
Photo By Gail

Before attending the Royal College of Art in London, Peter Phillips (b. 1939) studied graphic design and technical draftsmanship. He applied his skills to establish a style marked by the juxtaposition of images, like the Pinup Model and Car Part in Custom Print I (1965), which were sourced from magazines and other mass media in montage-like compositions. The title of this print —  the first in a series three — refers to custom auto-body shops where a polished enamel sheen is appleid to cars. Phillips worked with Chiron Press, a screenprinting studio that produced posters and greeting cards. The press encouraged him experiment with nontraditional materials such as silver foil and glossy inks, which complement the artist’s brash and vibrant style.

 Photographed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Limited Runs Presents the Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Collection

Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Series
Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Series By Tom Kelley, 1949 (All Post Photos By Gail)

There would probably be little argument that Marilyn Monroe is the most legendary and iconic Hollywood Movie Star to have ever lived. Countless contemporary artists — from Andy Warhol to Ron English, Ad Infinitum — have captured and re-appropriated her likeness into their own works, and her image still turns heads wherever it appears. While she did not have a long life, she certainly has achieved immortality in a sense. Limited Runs, a company that specializes in Classic Hollywood and other Fine Art Photography has just released the Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Collection, which  features her famous nude shots circa 1949 that originally appeared on promotional calendars. Now you can all own prints of these gorgeous photographs that were at one time so controversial, they had to be “dressed” in superimposed lingerie in order to be sent through the mail. Continue reading Limited Runs Presents the Marilyn Monroe Red Velvet Collection

Recommended Beverage: Balls Vodka

Balls Vodka Label

I was out Vodka shopping this past Friday night after work and a representative of Balls Vodka (yes, that is what it’s called) happened to be giving out free tastes of this product at my local liquor store. Let me tell you, I know my Vodka, and this stuff is so smooth you can actually drink it straight without making “That Face.” A one liter bottle costs $19.99. Balls Vodka is now the Official Vodka of Worleygig.com!

Hot Blogosphere News: Geoffrey of According2G Blog Wins OMG Blog Contest!

OMG, He Is A Cover Boy

Fans of this blog should be familiar with hearing me babble on and on in glowing terms about my friend Geoffrey who, in addition to being my BFF, writes the popular music and art blog, According 2 G Dot Com , and who quite frequently contributes his excellent photos to my posts. Yay G! Well, here is some exciting news, Geoffrey recently entered a contest over at another awesome blog, not coincidentally run by a dear friend of mine, Frank; OMG Blog Dot Com. OMG is one of the most popular Music /Pop Culture /Gay Lifestyle blogs on the Internet, and they’ve recently launched a spinoff site – a sort of Gay FaceBook if you will – called OMG Social Club Dot Com, which looks totally rad. If I were a gay man I would be all over it.

Anyway, to help OMG promote their new site, they have launched an ongoing, monthly Cover Boy Contest to be the face of OMG Social Club, and Geoffrey is this month’s winner! Congratulations again, Geoffrey!