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Eye On Design: Thierry Mugler’s Meduse De Bal Gown

thierry mugler meduse de bal gown photo by gail worley

All Photos By Gail

Thierry Mugler’s Méduse de bal gown — from his haute couture fall/winter 1999-2000 collection, Les Méduses  — was inspired by the graceful movement of jellyfish. The strapless evening gown features a coated and pleated organza bodice that is designed to resemble the bell of a jellyfish, flowing and undulating with each movement. Continue reading Eye On Design: Thierry Mugler’s Meduse De Bal Gown

Head of Medusa By Arnold Böcklin

Head of Medusa By Arnold Bocklin
Head of Medusa: Papier Mache and Plaster. Open Mouthed Head with Coppery Locks and Snakes Issuing from Domed Black Medallion with Molded and Gilt Rim. (All Photos By Gail)

Swiss artist Arnold Böcklin (1827–1901) created this realistic sculpture of the Head of Medusa around 1894. This piece is on exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston, which I visited in August of this year. Below you can see a photo of the wall against which it hangs and get an idea of how it is displayed. They do a nice job of staging everything at the MFA, that is for sure.


Bring Me The Head of Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonlad Severed Head Venice
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This statue of a young man holding the severed head of beloved, iconic fast-food mascot Ronald McDonald can be found in Venice, Italy, though I haven’t yet been able to dig up any information on the statue’s exact location or artist. I love how it sends a strong anti-McDonald’s message through the appropriation of the famous statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa, as seen in the image below. Extreme, yes. Hilarious, also yes.  But no amount of over-the-top “McDonald’s is Evil” propaganda will ever keep me away from a tasty Filet O’Fish when the craving strikes.

Continue reading Bring Me The Head of Ronald McDonald