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Google Doodle for June 21 by Takashi Murakami

This explains why my other Murakami posts are getting so much traffic today. Happy First Day of Summer, Everyone!

Takashi Murakami Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Most Rocking!

Me and Geoffrey!
This is Me and Geofffrey at the Brooklyn Museum’s Murakami Exhibit! Just Kidding!

Today Geoffrey and I went to see the Takashi Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. OMG, this show was so much fun; gallery after gallery fully saturated with Murakami’s colors and shapes; paintings, wallpaper, sculpture; extremely fun. I recommend checking this out! Admission is $10. Afterwards go get some delicious Mexican food and a big margarita! Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life.


I call this one “Mushrooms on Mushrooms.”

Skull and two Little Dudes

I would totally like to have that wallpaper here in the Chickpad.

Flower Power

“I am totally not on Acid right now!”


I would like to have this in my house as well. First, I need a house…


Geoffrey and I called this one “Vagina Mouth” for reasons we cannot explain here.


It’s me!


It’s Geoffrey!