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Cake Shoes By Chris Campbell!

Cake Shoes
Image Source

Please don’t eat these shoes! Creating works that are very similar to the art of contemporary sculptor Scott Hove, designer Chris Campbell has expertly painted and sculpturally enhanced dozens of pairs of Jimmy Choux shoes so that they appear to be decorated with the accoutrements of a fancy bakery cake! Clever and beautiful, but definitely not edible!

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Scott Hove’s Cake Gun Sculptures

Image Courtesy of Spoke Art

Surrealist sculptor Scott Hove has become famous for his fantastic fake cakes and cake-like sculptures that he creates using carved foam and traditional cake decorating tools. Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco is currently showcasing his latest works in a highly topical exhibit entitled Guns & Ecstasy.

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Pink Thing of the Day: Pink Cake Shrine

Pink Cake Shrine

Lisa over at Skulls and Bacon just sent me a link to this out of control Cake Shrine created by artist Scott Hove. I don’t even know what to say about it but you can check out more pictures of what is surely either a pastry chefs wet dream or worst nightmare over at High Fructose Magazine. Thanks Lisa!