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Iván Navarro’s Mute Parade at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Impenetrable Room
Impenetrable Room By Iván Navarro All Photos By Gail

Paul Kasmin Gallery’s Tenth Avenue space is currently hosting Mute Parade, an exhibit of light installations by  Chilean-born artist Iván Navarro, for his second solo show with the gallery. Mute Parade transforms multiple gallery rooms into a synesthetic environment continuing Navarro’s ongoing use of light, sound, and language to engage with issues of power, migration, and propaganda.

First Gallery Installation View

Upon entering the gallery, the viewer is faced with a series of new works by the artist including Tuning (2015), a pyramid of six towering drums.


Navarro combines the drums with mirrors and the words High, Tone, Tune, Bass, Mute, and Deaf to create a visual representation idea of sound (or noise) while at the same time removing and negating the original function of the instruments. This is a way of “playing a song” without making any sound.


None of What You Hear

Center Room Installation View

In the center of the adjacent room, there are two freestanding 6-foot diameter drums that incorporate neon, LED lights, mirrors, and electricity. Circular texts written in light repeat the words KickBack and KnockKnockKnock – giving the appearance of an endless loop. Throughout the exhibition, the new works employ silence and stillness to create an uncanny perception of sound and movement and to explore the relationship between seeing and hearing.

Impenetrable Room

In the last room gallery, the viewer enters a labyrinth of four 6 x 6 foot structures that together make up the Impenetrable Room (2016). This new body of work co-opts the materials and format of portable “road cases,” which are customarily used to transport and protect musical instruments. Refitting the cases with mirrors and neon light, Navarro transforms these static objects into deep spaces that appear to recede towards infinity.

Impenetrable Room

In this installation, undulating lines of green neon diagrammatically echo the propagation of sound waves through a medium. Silent and monolithic, these self-contained rooms resonate with unspoken narrative power.

Read You Loud Unclear

Black and white paper squares are scattered across the floors of both galleries. The words Read You and Loud Unclear, printed on opposite sides of the cards, call attention to the disjunction between the visual and auditory aspects of communication. Informed by the aesthetics and rhythms of military parades, the exhibition contemplates the juxtaposed feelings of celebration and intimidation that martial music is intended to create.

Tuning Alternate View

Iván Navarro’s Mute Parade will be on Exhibit Through December 23rd, 2016 at Paul Kasmin Gallery, located at 293 Tenth Avenue (Corner of 27th Street) in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Impenetrable Room

Paul Kolker’s Halftones and Ishidots…The New Abstract!

Paul Kolker Signage
All Photos By Gail

At his eponymous gallery on West 25th Street, painter/sculptor Paul Kolker has launched his return to both abstract painting and light sculpture with his yearlong series entitled The New Abstract!. This is an exhibit that we literally stumbled onto during our May 1st art crawl, and what a cool find it turned out to be!

Paul Kolker: Ishidots Circulare Blanc, OP.1, 2014,
Ishidots Circulare Blanc, OP.1, 2014

Paul Kolker is known for his light sculptures and also his paintings and prints incorporating rectilinear grids of dots, halftone phases and curvilinear patterns of multivariate dots; the latter which he calls Ishidots in attribution to Shinobu Ishihara. When you first enter the downstairs gallery space, you’ll pass through a corridor lined with these circular, dot-field paintings that reminded me of those Color Blindness tests. I liked them immediately.

Ishidots Circulare Noir, OP.1, 2014,
Ishidots Circulare Noir, OP.1, 2014

In both paintings the dots are painted in the same hues; but those on the black ground appear more saturated and emboldened, “like bright stars in a black night sky.”

Paul Kolker Light Sculpture

In this cool sculpture, curved mirrors reflect, distort and thereby abstract light into infinity.

Big Dot Painting

Here’s a really big one! The perfect background for a selfie!

Mylar Ballons on the Ceiling

In the same room as the Big Dots painting, this Factory-esque Silver Mylar Balloon Sculpture covers an area of the ceiling.

Paul Kolker Art

The group of paintings above and below are each on a wall that features four paintings in total. But I was shooting with a big clumsy iPad and to get a wide angle you practically have to back up to New Jersey, so you’ll have to visit the exhibit in person to see what I had to crop out. Trust me, it will be worth it.

Paul Kolker Art

Paul Kolker: Halftones and Ishidots…The New Abstract! is on Exhibit Through July 3rd, 2014 at the Paul Kolker Collection, Located at 511 West 25th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.