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Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part One

Bowl of Smiley Face Fried Potatos. I Would Eat Them.

I consider myself to be a happy person with a (mostly) positive attitude about life. But the truth is, when you write a blog, it is much funnier to complain and rag on shit constantly. And it is much, much easier to make hilarious, mean spirited jokes when you are talking about how much something sucks. But today I am having a really good day. Here is a Top Ten List of random stuff that has put me in a good mood just at this moment. Continue reading Reasons to Be Cheerful, Part One

Disappointed and It Feels So Not Good

Lisa is the DevilSpike
Lisa Stays and Spike Goes: So Not Fair

I’m quite certain that I’m far from the only one who wanted to call “Foul!” at the conclusion of last night’s Top Chef, when Spike was eliminated over Lisa. I mean WTF? Lisa rightfully earned a place in the bottom group on nearly every challenge and, while Spike had a few stumbles, he is clearly the superior chef – and a better sport too, if you ask me. Although, now that I am thinking about it he did pull that passive aggressive “Bread, lettuce and tomato” snafu over his competitors during the “To Protect and To Serve” episode a few weeks back. That was kind of a dick move, actually. But anyway, except for Lisa I’m happy with having Richard, Antonia and Stephanie (my fave to win) in the finals. I can’t wait for the reunion show (hopefully next week?) to hear all the shit talk that goes down!

In other culinary news, I had one of those new Supreme BLT Chicken Sandwiches (crispy style) for lunch at McDonalds and it was fucking awesome.

(Lisa Satan Head Courtesy of BestWeekEver.TV)

Top Ten Television Shows That Make Me Happy When I Watch Them


 Top Chef Rules

I Like To Watch

  1. Survivor
  2. The Office
  3. Top Chef
  4. Rock of Love 2
  5. American Dad
  6. Family Guy
  7. Metalocalypse
  8. Hell’s Kitchen
  9. The Daily Show
  10. The Colbert Report

People Magazine's Sexiest Man of 2007: So Wrong

This Man is Not Sexy

Bringing Sexy Back…Not!
Tell me its not true: Matt Damon Voted Sexiest Man Alive.

Uh, Matt Damon? Seriously? Um, I think not. Matt Damon is gross. I can think of at least ten guys I know who are hotter and sexier than Matt Damon.

Gail’s Choice for Ten Living Men Who are Sexier Than Matt Damon


  1. Keith Nelson from Buckcherry


2. Bloated, nearly 50-year-old, Post Rehab Nikki Sixx


3. Anderson Cooper, oh yes.

Sexy Neal!

4. Neal Smith circa 1972


5. My Gay Friend Geoffrey

Tim Gunn!

6. Co-host of Project Runway, Tim Gunn


7. Chef Tom Colicchio Holding Raw Meat


8. Yul Kwan from Survivor

Bill R

9. Gentleman Rock Star, Bill Rieflin

Simpsons’ Terry!

10. Simpsons’ Cartoon Version of Terry

The next time that People magazine has one of these “Sexiest Man” polls, they need to get in touch with me. Because I will set them straight.

This American Life: Another Kind of Reality

Ira Glass Hosts the Best Show on TV: This American Life

I take lot of heat for being such a shameless, diehard fan of reality TV shows like The Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol and all those embarrassingly addictive programs on Bravo such as Project Runway, Top Chef and Top Design. Clothes, food, home décor: It’s like there is a reality show specifically geared to feed each of my secret obsessions! Hurray for digital cable!

Continue reading This American Life: Another Kind of Reality