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Mindfulness Practices to Manage Anxiety and Find Inner Peace

woman practicing mindfulness
Photo by Daniel Torobekov on Pexels.com

It’s true that finding peaceful time for yourself with today’s busy lifestyle is quite difficult. It’s like a constant race against time, juggling multiple tasks, always feeling on edge. Imagine if life had a pause button! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Having a way to momentarily step back, breathe, and soak in the present can give you amazing results overall.

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Kobra’s Peace Mural in Midtown

peace mural by cobra photo by gail worleyAll Photos By Gail

I don’t spend much time in midtown, so when I passed by this mural by Eduardo Kobra on 44th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues I thought it might be new. As it turns out, this work, which features an image of American pop artist Roy Lichtenstein, has been up since August 2018. Continue reading Kobra’s Peace Mural in Midtown

Peace Sign Fall Leaf Wreath

Peace Sign Fall Leaf Wreath
Photo By Gail

With the short span of time this year between celebrating Thanksgiving and the arrival of Christmas, it’s easy to forget that it’s still technically fall in NYC. That said, by Black Friday afternoon, fall decor was in a losing battle with Christmas decorations that started appearing on the streets and in storefronts shortly after Halloween. Crazy.

I doubt that this lovely autumn leaf wreath is made from actual leaves (it’s likely silk or some other fabric), but dang if it didn’t make me stop in my tracks and appreciate the beauty of nature when I saw it adorning the face of a Brownstone in Chelsea. And what a nice sentiment as well: Peace. Here’s the full shot below. Breathtaking.

Peace Sign Wreath Full

Spotted on 22nd Street Between 7th and 8th Avenues in Manhattan.

Peace Sign Limousine

Peace Limo
All Photos By Gail

Take a long look at this Sweet Ride: A custom-painted Peace Limousine!

Peace Limo

Geoffrey and I spotted this car parked on Greene Street at the corner of Houston, in Soho, NYC. Not only does it display the word Peace painted on both sides, but it also has the slogan“Make Love Not War” painted on the hood. Peace Limo! Continue reading Peace Sign Limousine

Wishing You Peace in the New Year

Photo of a Buddha in the Snow By Ula Einstein
“Light” By Ula Einstein