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Modern Art Monday Presents: Pablo Picasso, Jardin de Paris

pablo picasso jardin de paris photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

Located near the ChampsÉlysées, the city’s fame tree-lined avenue, Jardin de Paris (1901) was the summer location of the historic dance hall Le Moulin Rouge. A young Pablo Picasso pursued commercial work to sustain a living and produced this design as a speculative bid. The venue’s Catalan manager, Josep Oller, however, did not purchase it. Both the imagery and the style recall that of the iconic Montmartre artist of the 1890s, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, whose work Picasso emulated. Continue reading Modern Art Monday Presents: Pablo Picasso, Jardin de Paris

Yes, It Exists: President William McKinley as Napoleon

mckinley as napoleon phot by gail worley
Photos By Gail

This jug depicts President William McKinley dressed as Napoleon as a political satire of his policy shift towards American imperialism in the Philippines. Continue reading Yes, It Exists: President William McKinley as Napoleon

Eye On Design: Tiffany Wisteria Lamps Designed by Clara Driscoll

Tiffany Wisteria Lamps
Photo By Gail

One of Tiffany Studios‘ most popular models, the Wisteria, was priced as $400 in 1906, placing it among the firm’s most costly lamps. The glass selection for the two lamps (both circa 1901) seen in the above photo created two dramatically different interpretations of the same design. One has a refined color palette ranging from pale blue to azure and cobalt, while the other displays bold contrasts of blue and white clusters.

Wisteria abounded in LC Tiffany’s leaded glass windows and on the grounds of his country estate, Laurelton Hall, and although the vine was a Tiffany favorite, Clara Driscoll’s correspondence identifies her as the designer of the iconic Wisteria lamp, which is composed of nearly 2,000 tiny pieces of glass. Designs for the Trumpet Creeper, Grape, and Apple Blossom, each sold with the same treelike base, followed shortly after the Wisteria.

Photographed in the New York Historical Society on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Happy Birthday, Walt Disney!

Today Walt Disney would have celebrated his 109th Birthday, having been born on December 5th, 1901! Discover Ten Cool Secrets About Disneyland at This Link.

7 dwarves photo by gail worley
Seven Dwarfs Photographed at the Academy Museum in Los Angeles (12/21)