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Pink Thing of the Day: Cactus Lounge Chair and Ottoman


This awesome Pink Cactus Chair, designed by artist Xiang Yun for the China Chair Project is made from smooth, molded silicon gel. Check out more really clever cactus-inspired product designs at Design Boom.

Thanks to Neatorama for the original link!

Child’s Drum Chair

A Different Kind of “Drum Throne”

This unique and collectible 1940s-era Child’s chair that looks like a drum is up for auction at First Dibs, where you can also see more pictures and get a description of the chair. Looks like a pretty cool addition to either an antique furniture collection or for someone who’s very into drumming!

Pink Thing of The Day: A Rad Modern Chair

So Casual

Presented for all the ladies in the house: The Living Chair!   Clearly inspired by the human form of a female and holding itself with only three skinny yet sexy legs, it’s surprisingly sturdy and functional. Even more than that, it’s a sleek and glamorous piece of art just by sitting there. Yes, the Chair is literally sitting there! Design by Vladimir Tzesler and Sergei Voichenko.