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Pink Thing of The Day: Pink House

Pink House

I would like to live in this Pink House.

Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward

“The space within becomes the reality of the building.” Fallingwater House (Located in Bear Run, Pennsylvania) in Winter

Anybody who knows dick about architecture knows that Frank Lloyd Wright was a mysterious genius. The Guggenheim museum here in NYC (which Wright designed) currently has an amazing retrospective of his projects – both built and unrealized – including plans, drawings, schematics, models and photographs of structures that would just crack your skull wide open with their awesomeness. Geoffrey and I saw the Guggenheim show a few weeks ago and I am still having dreams about his houses. I mean, have you ever seen pictures of the Fallingwater House? Can you even believe something like that exists? Talk about an artist who was light years ahead of his time.

The Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit runs through August 23rd, 2009 at the Guggenheim Museum, located uptown at 89th and Fifth Avenue, across from Central Park.

Pink Thing of the Day: Hello Kitty House

Too Much of a Good Thing?

In case you were wondering, this home is located in what is evidently a full-on Hello Kitty neighborhood development, in Taiwan.

Happy Birthday, Walter Gropius, Founder of the Bauhaus


Walter Gropius, German Architect and founder of the Bauhaus School, was born on this day, May 18th, in 1883. I admit to feeling a special sort of insider kinship with the Bauhaus, not only because I love band that took its name from this forward thinking movement of Architecture and Design, but because I once worked for an architectural firm whose founding partners has previously worked with another great Bauhaus architect, Marcel Breuer. Breuer designed those cool chairs that everybody has in their kitchens.