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Eye On Design: Merino Wool Felt Long Coat By Tanis S’eitlin

merino felt wool red and black long coat
All Photos By Gail

Combining traditional references with a contemporary aesthetic, this Merino Wool Felt Long Coat (2017) pays homage to the matrilineal social structure of the Tlingit tribe, and specifically to the artist’s mother and great- grandmother. Artist Tanis S’eitlin found inspiration in the Chilkat robe, a type of Tlingit regalia, that her mother made toward the end of her life.
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Pink Thing of The Day: You Were Pretty Once By Kelly Chuning

you were pretty once photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

An example of a ‘backhanded compliment’ if there ever was one, this felted wool artwork declaring “You Were Pretty Once,” in a lovely vibrant Pink color, was spotted by me last week while I was on a brief gallery crawl in Chelsea. It remind of something a (understandably) now-ex boyfriend once said to me along the lines of, “You looked really good last night. Of course, its been all downhill since then.” Needless to say (but you can see I am about to) we did not stay together long after that.

Photographed in the Field Projects Gallery.