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Eye On Design: Popworm Bookshelf By Ron Arad

pink popworm bookshelf by kartell photo by gail worley
Photo By Gail

The creativity of artist/designer Ron Arad combined with the technological expertise of design company Kartell results in a bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary: behold the Popworm Bookshelf (2015), the flexible bookshelf. A careful analysis of extrusion technology has allowed the creation of a curvy bookcase which assumes any desired shape, without compromising toughness and functionality. The shapes that can be formed are limited only by personal creativity. Available in three different lengths, Popworm is marked by a series of bookend supports. The shelf combines flexibility and superior durability, allowing for a load of approximately 22 lbs for each support. It is advisable to wall-mount the shelf in a curved shape to keep the materials in tension and to increase resistance once loaded. Popworm is available in three sizes (with 7, 11, or 17 bookends) and in three colors, Pink (shown), Light Blue, and Yellow. Visit Kartell’s Website for pricing.

RIP NYC Gallerist Paul Kasmin

Claude LaLanne Apple Photo By Gail
Apple Sculpture By Claude LaLanne Photographed at Paul Kasmin Gallery By Gail in January 2019

They say that celebrity deaths come in threes. This past week we said goodbye to playwright Terrence McNally, legendary Drummer Bill Rieflin and, on a local scale, NYC Gallerist and Photographer Paul Kasmin, whose renowned Chelsea galleries have provided Worleygig.com with amazing content for more than a decade.
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Ron Arad, In Reverse, at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Ron Arad In Reverse Installation View
In Reverse Installation View (All Photos By Gail)

It’s been six years since I saw Industrial Designer Ron Arad’s phenomenal No Discipline exhibit at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art and was immediately smitten by the artist’s unique vision of transforming the functional and mundane into extraordinary works of art. Early last week, Geoffrey and I attended a talk by Arad at the Neuehouse Private Workspace Collective, during which he talked about his upcoming exhibit at Paul Kasmin Gallery and compared creating In Reverse, his new series of compressed Fiat cars, to the process of pressing flowers between the pages of a book. It was an excellent primer to set expectations high for the exhibit, which opened on February 12th. Continue reading Ron Arad, In Reverse, at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Ron Arad’s No Discipline at MOMA: A RAD Exhibit!

No Discipline
So Rad!!

A very good activity to plan for a rainy day in NYC is to go to a museum. Whether it’s the Whitney (aka the “Whip Me”), The Guggenheim (The Guggy) The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) or some other place where we can get in for free with our badges from our day jobs, Geoffrey and I like to do the museum thing every few weeks. Because art is awesome. Since our last trip to MOMA, which was I believe to see the James Ensor exhibit back in July, they’ve installed the mind-blowing, skull crushing, eyeball exploding No Discipline design exhibit by Israeli designer Ron Arad and it just fucking will not stop rocking. You should see the furniture this guy designs; it is just crazy great. I wanted to own all of it, but the Chickpad is, sadly, at maximum capacity for new furniture at this time.

Arad Chandelier2

Geoffrey Was In Love With this Chandelier

Plus, I’m probably short the several millions of dollars required to own any of his stuff – not that it wouldn’t be 100% worth it. Because it would. Holy mother of god, I have a background in Interior Design and my jaw was on the floor the whole time we were walking through the exhibit. I will definitely go again before No Discipline closes on October 19, 2009. In the meantime, I will be dreaming about that furniture.