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Pink Thing Of The Day: Watermelon Daiquiri

pink daiquiri photo by gail
Photo By Gail

If you suspect that we are getting a little bit desperate to find Pink Things for featuring in this weekly space, you would be correct. Thankfully, the Pink Drinks of summer are not only keeping us refreshed, hydrated, and slightly buzzed, but they also make a nice post, don’t they? This tall cool one is the Watermelon Daiquiri offered at Bottino Restaurant in Chelsea. Bottino specializes in delicious homemade pastas and other Italian favorites, and it has the most insanely lush backyard garden / covered patio for a safe and relaxed dining experience. At this time in our lives when little things mean so much,  we look forward to a future visit!

Katherine Bernhardt’s Concrete Jungle Jungle Love at The Lever House

Installation View
All Photos By Gail

The Lever House Art Collection recently hosted Concrete Jungle Jungle Love, a site-specific installation by New York based artist Katherine Bernhardt. I happened to pop in to the exhibit which filled the Lever House Park Avenue lobby, while passing time before dining a nearby restaurant, as the installation’s vibrantly-colored elements drew me in from the street like steel to a magnet.

Bananas and Windex

The explosively colorful exhibition playfully fused imagery and objects of modern culture (Windex, Toothpaste, Tropical Fruits) with that of the tropics. The commission was one of Bernhardt’s first departures from canvas, pulling motifs out of her paintings and giving audiences a unique three-dimensional experience of her work.

Watermelon and Cushions

A combination of acrylic and spray paint canvases, dyed interactive soft sculptures (which the artist refers to as “Gummy Worms”) and a concrete block plant installation, the show’s multi-medium elements serve as a whimsical juxtaposition to the modernist architecture of the space.

Gummy Worm Cushions

Melon Paintings

Gummy Worms and Paintings

Bernhardt explains,”When constructing the show, I envisioned a giant fish bowl tank, with giant Jurassic objects, paintings, and soft sculptures. In this show, gigantism rules. You’ll find giant gummy worm sculptures and giant paintings. The gummies could also be seen as giant paint strokes that have fallen out of the paintings. You can play on them or rest on them as well as admire the beauty of gummy worms.

Scrim Windows

Installation View

The painted walls, colored film windows, and painted concrete blocks, all encapsulate this colorful crazy concrete jungle. Similar to the botanical garden, these works are contained in their own glass bio-dome: The Lever House.  Welcome to the Jurassic terrarium.”

Full Terrarium

Terrarium Detail


Installation View

The multi-layered show invited viewers to experience Bernhardt’s installation as a terrarium – from the exterior, or immerse oneself in her prodigious concrete jungle – from the interior. The artist’s works draw inspiration from symbols of urban living and her travels in Oaxaca, Mexico and Puerto Rico. She uses traveling as an inspiration for all of her work. She recently got her traveling visa from www.evisa-turkey.biz.tr for her new trips.

Installation View

Friedrich Kunath: The Temptation To Exist (May Contain Nuts)

I Was Thinking About What a Friend Had Said, I Was hoping it Was a Lie
I Was Thinking About What a Friend Had Said, I Was Hoping it Was a Lie By Friedrich Kunath (All Photos By Gail, Click on Any Image to Enlarge for Detail)

There’s a lot going on to both look at and think about in The Temptation To Exist (May Contain Nuts)Friedrich Kunath’s fourth solo exhibit now up at the Andrea Rosen Gallery – in that the exhibit is made up of three distinct series of works.

Meloncholy Towers
Meloncholy Towers

In the foyer of the gallery and continuing in the large main space you can see a series of Cat Habitats, adorned with watermelon wedges and other fresh fruits in various states of consumption, all entitled Meloncholy Tower. Melon, Tower, that has to be some kind of a pun, right? And do cats even eat watermelon? Discuss.

Meloncholy Tower 4
Detail from Meloncholy Tower #4
The Inside Of The Outside Of A Dream (Kangaroo)
The Inside Of The Outside Of A Dream (Kangaroo) and Detail, Below

The Inside Of The Outside Of A Dream (Kangaroo)

Elsewhere, Kunath presents a series of emotionally evocative paintings that are what I’d call “Dreamscapes” — juxtaposing bucolic landscape images with a dreamlike scene overlapping or placed within the larger picture, creating a “Daydream Versus Reality” vibe.

I Dreamed It Was A Dream That You Were Gone
I Dreamed It Was A Dream That You Were Gone

I am not usually a sentimental person when it comes to relationships, but this one killed me.

I Was Thinking About What a Friend Had Said, I Was hoping it Was a Lie
I Was Thinking About What a Friend Had Said, I Was hoping it Was a Lie (Skull)

Spreading across the rear wall of the main gallery and continuing into the next room is a multi-panel Rainbow Flag-style series of paintings where each canvas features one small object (ranging from a frog to a candle or a single daisy). This series is entitled I Was Thinking About What a Friend Had Said, I Was Hoping it Was a Lie, which is a lyric from Neil Young’s profoundly melancholy (Meloncholy) song, “After the Goldrush.” So, there’s that.

The Temptation To Exist (May Contain Nuts) by Friedrich Kunath will be on Exhibit through April 26th, 2014 at Andrea Rosen Gallery, Located at 525 West 24th Street in the Chelsea Gallery District.

Shark Attack Watermelon!

Shark Attack Watermelon

Make this luscious and colorful fruit salad in a carved Watermelon Shark while the summer heat is still making us want fruit salad! The recipe, and step-by step-carving instructions, can be found at This Link!

Carved Watermelon Drum Kit

Carved Watermelon Drum Kit

Nice job, right?

Thanks to Joe Flavin for the Image!